living her best life…#20

Pat seems to have settled into a routine…more or less…with her life going forward.

Family, friends, even strangers, are weighing in with their love and support.

Living her best life…is what Pat seems to be doing right now.

It’s for sure there’ll be tweaking as time passes, but the basics are in place.

Pat’s medical team is doing what they do…day in, day out.

And when it needs to, it turns to the “big kahuna”…The Mayo Clinic. Can’t get any better than that.

Meanwhile Pat is doing what she can to remain in the moment…both physically and mentally.

Good place to be…no sense living in the past…or racing ahead into the future.

Doing either would miss out on the moments of happiness to be found in the present.

Like a patchwork quilt, the pieces of Pat’s life in the here and now are binding seamlessly together.

A brilliantly colored rainbow…blanketing Pat in warmth and comfort.

Living her best life!!!

…something we should all do.


Hiking Makapuu to the top...and views of the lighthouse...with her niece, the dancer.

Hiking Makapuu to the top…and views of the lighthouse…with her niece, the dancer.



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