living her best life…#22

Received the following from Pat on Saturday, 1/31/15.

Hi hugmamma…

Just checking in.

Today was nice and sunny with just enough trades to keep the house cool.

I had an appointment with Dr. Burke [the naturopath] today. I updated him on the meds I’m taking, and how my first two [chemotherapy] treatments went. He says we’re on the right path regarding the homeopathic supplements he’s given me.

As always, I felt better afterwards.

Mica [my niece] came over this afternoon for a Reiki session with me. It was wonderful. She set up her table outside on the back patio, in the shade. I was looking up at the sky. It’s difficult to explain how it felt…but I was comfortable and relaxed the entire time. Mica said my body was “humming” with life…not in a Frankenstein-ish way…but in a good way!!! LOL!!!

Family friends Tami and Steve also stopped by to drop off some Chinese soup, which I’m enjoying as I write. 

Tami and I were team parents for MPI, [my son] Aiden’s high school soccer team. Her son is a year younger so she’s still a team parent this year. 

Generously, Tami explained that she’s organizing other parents to provide meals for my family once a week. I said I didn’t want folks going to a lot of trouble, but she explained that it would be completely voluntary. No one would be pressured to participate. I thanked her, knowing Ethan and Brad will definitely be appreciative.

I enjoyed the post about Alzheimer’s, and will follow Greg O’Brien’s story. 

It’s amazing how many “stories” are out there, and the resilience and strength demonstrated by the storytellers.

Soup’s gone! I’m going to heat up more. “Talk” again soon.

…love to you and yours…always.


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