whatever our belief…

I cannot imagine that the Almighty from whom all life flows, views the casual taking of life in His name…to be a good and just thing.

Young men with nowhere to go and time to kill…literally…have taken to effecting some violent video game upon the rest of the world.

Hard to imagine that grown men industriously working to further civilize mankind, are unable to bring nomadic zealots to heel.

Is the gift of life so cheap that it is thrown back in the Almighty’s face with disregard and disdain?

What of the parents and families who have nurtured these young men? Do they bless their offspring or do they pray for the Almighty’s forgiveness?

Evil is not how most would describe the Almighty.

Evil is how these young men portray who they are…by their evil acts.

Is it possible then  that they believe in an Almighty who is evil?

I prefer to think that no such Being exists.

The Almighty in which these young men believe is…

…a phantom of their violent imaginations…

…nothing more…nothing less.




6 thoughts on “whatever our belief…

  1. Thiese poor young men’s minds have been twisted so that they believe they’re somehow doing God’s will. They and those who train them have minds that are somewhere in the dark ages or before. It’s brainwashing pure and simple.


    • Time on their hands…the internet to stoke their imaginations…and energy to burn. All these young men need then is a cause…any cause…and they’re off and running. Something to hang their guns and machetes on. If it’s a cause that the world will get behind…like religion…the better for them. Mankind will be its own undoing…unfortunately.


  2. I believe the Almighty gives us the tools, the knowledge, the understanding, to do what is right. It is those who throw those tools away that ruin it for the rest of the world. I don’t think the A can direct our paths — he can only give us the means — and the common sense — to make it so.


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