living her best life…#24

Following is my lyrical take on the words Pat wrote me in an email yesterday…

Today was my third chemo treatment. 

Just finished with the home meds.

Nasty, nasty stuff. 

Takes a whole 1/2 hour til I’m done.

Must ask the pharmacist if there’s ANY other way to take them.

Another injection would be better!

When handling the pills, I actually wear gloves.

That might seem like overkill.

Believe me. It’s not.

Because I melt the meds down with water into a slurry which I then drink, the pharmacist warned me about cleaning the area really well with soap and water afterwards, in case of any spills.

I use a designated glass when taking my meds.

The bathroom is where I keep my chemo supplies. 

Apart from these, I’ve cleared most everything else from the counter.

When I’m done, I wash everything down.

I toss out the sponge, gloves, paper towels and anything else I might have used.


A shot in the ass would be so much easier.

…how ’bout a magic wand?


6 thoughts on “living her best life…#24

  1. Ok, I’m laughing out loud over here. Sorry, I can’t imagine how horrible those meds are, but I gotta say you have a sense of humor! Frankly I’d opt for the magic wand! Take care,sis. Luv you.

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