nurturing thursdays: life in a…fortune cookie?

Never know what you’ll find when you break open a fortune cookie. 

Since I’m not usually a fan of this Chinese take-out dessert, I’m not likely to rush over to the bag to crack one open and see what it says about my past…present…or future.

Unlike me, however, my husband and daughter like the taste of fortune cookies and are always curious about their predictions.

When my daughter came across the following in a cookie she opened for me, well…it did seem appropriate for what I was going through at the time.

Avoid agreeing with people merely to keep peace.

In fact, that tiny slip of paper is still in the clutches of my pet tyrannosaurus rex…a little, rubber one which came as a prize in some food product…sitting at the top of my laptop.

Trying to rid my life of unwanted and unnecessary stress these last several years has meant adopting the message in these words. There’s no retracting the time lost worrying over other people’s agendas. Instead, I’ve made a concerted effort to find peace in my own life, ensuring that I can live as happily as is feasible.

I don’t insist others agree with me…just because.

…i do wish them peace, however.


my pet T-REX...

my pet T-REX…

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13 thoughts on “nurturing thursdays: life in a…fortune cookie?

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  2. Hi Hugmamma, love the quote, perfect for me. I need to learn to say NO to certain situations and people, but I’m always trying to be nice. I love your Trex, I have one I bought more than 10 years ago, it’s lost in some of my boxes, I like your idea of a paper holder, I’ll try find mine and do the same. It’s cute! Hugs to you!


    • My Trex inspires me to stay strong and resolute in saying “no” to unnecessary stress and worries. When my daughter was in elementary school I often told her when she’d tell me someone said something unkind to her…”She has a problem and is taking it out on you. The problem is not yours. It’s hers.” Interesting how I had a hard time taking my own advice…until I was well into my late 50s and 60s. Just think to yourself…you are nice and if someone can’t get that without trying to have you cater to their agenda, then it’s their problem…not yours. 🙂

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