calling all cows…???

Just when you think you’ve seen everything…another character pops up on youtube.

In this case…a mid-west farmer…with a horn.

Obviously the man’s got time on his hands.

And hidden talent???

…a natural pied piper?…or a fool with a trombone?…


12 thoughts on “calling all cows…???

    • ha, ha…I like your thought process. I actually thought they might be responding to…another cow. Either one looking for a mate…or one in distress. Actually, looking for a mate can be distressing… ha, ha. 🙂


  1. To each their own. I worked on a ranch in Texas that had one bull and his girlfriends. Since the bull had a big job to do, we had to give him a daily food supplement. We would drive out into the pasture near the feeding spot and call out, “Here Bull! Here Bull!” As long as they were in ‘shouting’ range, the bull would come and his girls would follow. I think this fellow was being resourceful. He had to call the cows, and he enjoyed playing the trombone. Non-traditional? Yes, but it was priceless.


    • You’re absolutely right! I give this farmer credit for taking a job that some might consider lusterless…and making it his public stage where he could shine as the star…with a backup cast of his own creation. My humor is often…tongue-in-cheek. And I agree that this was…priceless!

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