rethinking the…good ole’ days

As with anything, there are probably advantages to joining sororities and fraternities. Unfortunately the disadvantages seem to be making front page news these days.

Such elite groups never held much allure for me since they imply a certain social standing, and/or pedigree.

I’m more of a mutt. And I’m fine with that.

It never occurred to me to “rush” a sorority. I was too preoccupied with making ends meet while in college…working 20+ hours a week at the university bookstore…while maintaining grades that would continue to qualify me for my scholarships.

Too bad I never really learned of the good rendered by these campus organizations, for now I have almost nothing to compare with all the horrible stuff being reported.

Could it be that what’s been outed by social media has been closeted as a deep, dark secret all along?

Or perhaps those not inclined towards such behavior remained silent for fear of being ousted? Or worse, thrashed to within an inch of their lives…if not physically, then verbally and mentally?


Sad for those involved.

Sad for those not involved.

Sad for those institutions of higher education.

Sad for society.

Sad for America. 

Even more sad for those who raised these young ‘uns to denigrate others…as well as themselves.

Seems to me the folks who are clamoring to return to the days of “me and mine,” continue to hold fast to the values and prejudices of those bygone times. And worse, they still permeate the moral fiber of their kin…

for generations to come.


6 thoughts on “rethinking the…good ole’ days

  1. I have a friend who is speaking to fraternities and sororities at a local college about balancing intuition and logic into leadership skills. I think so many college kids have lost touch with their soul part, thinking that listening to your gut feelings — your intuition — is a sissy way to go through life. You can be cutting edge with your career and still have compassion, too. Perhaps that’s the lesson many fraternities and sororities have forgotten.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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