in the blink of an eye…

That’s all it takes to lose what you love most…the blink of an eye.

As we flew 3,000 miles to be by our daughter’s side as she recovered from a second surgery to repair her bowel wall pierced during a surgery to remove a couple of fibroids from her uterine wall, I prepared myself for the worse case scenario.


I thought how fortunate I was to have mothered such a lovely, loving, young woman. A gift from God for which I have always been grateful these last 29 years. I would mourn her loss, but I would try to focus upon the years I was so blest to have her in my life. I would not give in to anger. I would honor her memory that way because she rarely, if ever, showed anger towards anyone. She forgave much quicker than I ever could.

So much I have learned and continue to learn from my dear, sweet daughter. Fortunately, I will continue to learn from her.

Our daughter is recovering. The incision is finally shrinking; the wound not so red and gnarly. She just returned to driving again. The need to earn a living as a dance teacher, a strong incentive. There are still bills to be paid, after all. Including the hospital’s $50,000 charge for the 6 days stay. It’s almost certain the surgeons’ bills will amount to as much, if not more.

If not for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, our daughter might have been another liability for the taxpayers. Instead, she’s been able to afford the $89 monthly premium, instead of the $200+ our daughter would have had to pay without the government’s tax credit.

Money matters. It helps pay the bills. It affords us respite from life’s daily challenges. And yet…

Without those we cherish the most, life would hold little meaning. Not that we should end our existence. Only that we should love deeply, remembering that nothing lasts forever. That, however, doesn’t mean our lives can’t end happily.

Quite the contrary. Abandoning ourselves to love will guarantee us…

…a very, very…happily ever after.


17 thoughts on “in the blink of an eye…

  1. So glad she’s ok and what a terrific plug for the ACA– I hope everyone realizes how this has helped the nation. Continued good health for your daughter (and you too of course!)


  2. Wow–had no idea the situation was so serious. SO glad to hear she is recovering and getting back to living her life. I completely understand how relieved you must be!


    • My daughter will tell you…I begin and end our phone call saying “I love you.” And then there are the random “I love you’s” sprinkled throughout. She has no doubt of my unconditional love for her. And you’re so right. Life is short and at 65…getting shorter every day. 🙂


      • I do the same with our two daughters and family! It all started with the loss of my mother, it made me realize that there is no time like the present to let them know how much they mean to me. It gets worst as I age, I just turned 65! 😊


  3. How scary for you. So glad your daughter is improving. My mother suffered a similar complication last summer during a routine bladder procedure. It’s very scary to see our loved ones go through that. I wish your daughter continued smooth recovery. She’s lucky to have you there. 🙂


    • It’s humbling to know others suffer as much as we do. In the moment, we tend to think we are the only ones stricken with adversity. Hence my acceptance that we are indeed blest to have had the opportunity…to love and be loved. God bless…

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  4. So happy to hear she recovering….sounds like quite a ride! Will continue to send her healing thoughts. Love to you all. Andrea


  5. Oh, Hugmamma, I’m so glad your daughter is recovering from her operation. How wonderful. I hope and pray she soon regains full health again. God Bless her and your whole family. — Suzanne


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