prejudice thrives…

Sad, but true.

The Civil War which took the lives of thousands of young men, freed colored people from the binds that tied them to their white owners. What the war did not do was erase prejudice from the hearts of whites who held fast to discrimination, and passed it down through their families, generation after generation after generation.

Racial hatred.


Perhaps the color of a person’s skin signifies the precipice separating one from another because of religion, ethnicity, culture, place of birth.

Perhaps the color of a person’s skin signifies a divide too vast to bridge. 

Perhaps the color of a person’s skin elevates one above the other.

Perhaps the color of a person’s skin is the difference between…heaven and hell.

Perception. Man made. Can be altered. 

…or can it?



9 thoughts on “prejudice thrives…

  1. I have often thought how much better a world it would be if we all peeled off our skin and lived with what was beneath. But then it would be a question of whose blood was redder and whose liver was bigger, so things wouldn’t have changed much after all.

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    • What a lovely image…peeling off our skin…to reveal the delicious person waiting to be savored. If only it would stop there…as you so aptly put it. hugs for joining the discussion…


  2. The terrible thing is, when you fight something it sometimes goes underground and surfaces once in a while to continue his terrible and frightening work. You think it’s been licked, but it’s still there waiting to suface. It’s like plague.

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    • You’re right. Gun violence is symptomatic of a disease that continues to eat away at civilized society. Until some of the real movers and shakers of this world…the conservative money-men…like the Koch brothers…racial prejudice will continue. Sad truth…

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