facing our demons…

When I was a child growing up in Wailuku on the sleepy island of Maui, I sometimes wished I could attend Sunday service at the Jehovah Witnesses Hall near my family’s rented house. Walking past the Hall on my way to buy a few things at the grocery store, I could hear the members singing. Unlike the solemnity of my own Catholic church, the Jehovah Witnesses sounded like they were having a blast. What I wouldn’t have given to sing my heart out just like those folks. 

While I never thought twice about what the Jehovah witnesses looked like, I assumed they were blacks. Why? Because of pictures I’d seen on TV and in print of blacks smiling and clapping their hands as they sang their prayers to God. I wanted to be like them. Still do.

I believe in a joyful God, one who focuses upon goodness. One who overlooks our flaws, knowing we will improve…if we want to improve. 

This morning as I watched CNN news, I wished I was sitting among the parishioners of the church where 9 blacks had been gunned down. 

If you’re asking “Why?” The simple answer is “Because instead of hatred for the racist killer, those present inside and outside the church were filled with love for the victims.” As one commentator put it…the dead are now in heaven with God…having died in the church they loved. 

Unlike the media, the church goers were focused solely upon their loved ones.

According to that same commentator, we cannot deny the killer’s ideology of racial hatred. In fact, we should not. We need to face it head on, armed with the ideology of love.

The fact is…evil exists…as does good. The battle will continue as long as mankind does.

If we can learn from the congregation of Charleston’s Emanuel AME, to honor one another with love…

…good will always conquer evil.


12 thoughts on “facing our demons…

  1. It does sound ambiguous, doesnt it? Am wondering myself, now. I think I meant stay away from darkness..that terrible sink hole that can suck us down forever. I stay away from black thoughts like murder and torture and blind hatred because they scare me numb and helpless. A place I fear being . I hope that makes more sense. Sometimes a writer’s emotions take over and gobblygook comes out.


  2. Sorry I’m commenting so late on this. I got behind. I saw the President’s speech at the funeral service in that church and thought it powerful. You probably saw it also. Only people filled with the love of God could forgive like they did. Many of us can learn from their attitude. Just beautiful.


  3. I have always felt a little naiive because I feel its so much easier to love than hate. Of course, I didnt grow up in a dysfunctional house full of hatred either. I admit I stay away from blackness because I truly fear what it can bring. (Well..maybe it DOES bring back memories of my dad and the army belt)..But I can never quite wrap my head around people who do such crazy violent things. I just dont understand.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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