living her best life: #52…in it together

Today I text Pat…

Will post something today. Always thinking of you both, hoping you’re fine. God bless you for your strength and no nonsense ways. How are the boys? How’s Brad? How’s living been with others? I love you…

And  she text back…

I think the boys are fine…haven’t been up to texting them either. Doing okay…not great…passed out this morning in the shower so had to be admitted for observation. Prior to that I was doing pretty good. Just exhausted and constantly foggy. Thank God I have Brad with me.

Living with others has been great…it really does help both the patient and caregiver.

…God bless the mayo clinic…all the folks at gift of life transplant house

…and especially pat and brad.


2 thoughts on “living her best life: #52…in it together

  1. It’s a good thing Pat’s husband was there with her. She must be tired from fighting the illness. Sounds like the doctor is keeping a close watch on her. I hope she continues to improve over time. All the best to you and your family. 🙂


    • All of us who love Pat…and Brad…are there with them…in our hearts…in our spirits…in our prayers. Friends such as you are so very much appreciated for joining us in wishing them happiness and good health for decades to come. hugs… 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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