scratching an itch…

…that’s how a pundit described Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

We all like a good scratch now and then. It alleviates an annoyance.

What folks don’t realize is that the solution to the itch in Trump’s case would lead to a case of…poison ivy. And having suffered from a bad case of it a number of years ago, the only solution was medication…prednisone, to be specific. It took eliminating the itch from the inside out.

Living through 4 years of a Trump administration would be akin to a case of poison ivy with no immediate relief in sight.

Trump gleefully tosses out epithets like ” I don’t give a shit!” when responding to questions from the press. Wow! Won’t it be cool to have a president well versed in vulgarity. America’s face to the world will be a man who swears…and doesn’t give a shit. He’ll make Putin look like an altar boy. There’s no doubt they both swear, it’s just that the Russian leader can hold his tongue. Unlike Trump, whose mouth is always open…because his tongue is always clacking.

Trump as president would be a throwback to the days when America was seen as a big bully. Those days are gone. The Wild West is gone. Pushing people around to get our own way…that’s gone.

Donald Trump envisions the presidency like a reality show, one in which he can…fire…anyone and everyone not to his liking. The world will be his oyster…or so he thinks. And we will suffer the consequences if enemies, and friends, refuse to subjugate themselves to The Donald’s wishes.

A vote for Trump will be a vote…

…for taking one giant step backward.


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