the law is…the law

Kim Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. It goes against her religious beliefs, or so she says. She has her supporters. They who are on hand as she is released from prison having been incarcerated for 4 days for refusing to abide by federal law. Included among them are Governor Mike Huckabee and his wife.

How is it that Davis…a several times divorcee …with a child borne out of wedlock…can set herself apart from those who want to wed someone of the same gender?

“Those who live in glass houses…shouldn’t throw stones.”

Calling upon God when it’s convenient is one’s own business…except when one is paid to do a job, especially one that is mandated by law. If a person chooses to ignore that law, then she or he should seek employment elsewhere.

Laws are enacted to ensure all citizens work within their confines for the good of society. Until they were allowed to wed legally, gay couples sought other avenues to commit themselves to one another. They worked long and hard to have the law changed so that they now enjoy the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. Opponents to the law should consider working just as hard and long to have it reversed. Until it is, the law allowing gay couples the right to wed should be honored.

It seems Davis will be allowed to return to her job as long as others on her staff issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Whenever possible,  compromise is a good solution. However Davis should be prepared to find herself back behind bars should circumstances revert back…and she once again refuses to…

…abide by the law.


4 thoughts on “the law is…the law

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what happens there. I heard her job might have been a political appointment. That could by why the governor is right there supporting her. Usually the law wins out in cases such as this. I also heard she was refusing to allow those employees under her to issue the licenses. She won’t be permitted to do that any more.


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