…not just my opinion…

Folks younger than me, some even decades my junior, agree that Donald Trump would make a very bad president. I’d go so far as to say they consider him totally laughable in his quest to become the most powerful man on earth.

The fact that Trump is worth billions, according to him, seems his primary, if not only, reason for assuming he’s the perfect man for the job.

Mark Cuban, one of the wealthy entrepeneurs starring on TV’s reality show The Shark Tank explains why Trump is a “fake” billionaire in the youtube video below.

Trump’s net worth is north of 10 billion dollars, or so he says. However according to Cuban, Trump hasn’t got the cash to fund a presidential campaign. And after getting singed by numerous business bankruptcies, he’s not likely to trade in his personal stash to become our public servant, especially for a paltry presidential paycheck of $400,000 a year.

As we all know, going after the highest office in the land isn’t like getting elected high school class president. Money talks. Literally.

Look at what the networks are charging for ads…absurd figures like $3.5 million for a spot during the 2011 Super Bowl. Even 30-second spots on less visible programs cost in excess of $100,000 in 2011, according to AdWeek. It stands to reason that those costs have only escalated since then.

And with Trump bragging about his billions, who’s going to rush to give him more money?

The young woman in this youtube video and I have one thing in common…

…we can see past Trump’s giant-sized ego to the peaNUT he really is.


6 thoughts on “…not just my opinion…

    • So true. And he does already have the big nose and red cheeks to pull off the clown act. I often wonder if his family is embarrassed? His wife wasn’t at the debates; his grown children were. They must continually try to rationalize their father’s behavior. If they let themselves see him for what he really is…they might escape to the Amazon jungle, where the natives haven’t heard of Trump.


  1. I am not American and I know much less about Donald Trump. But I do see on media his high profile status, his being a major sponsor of beauty pageants and his unending criticism of US Presidents whoever they are. I have the impression that all these portray Mr. Trump as the braggart, hypocrite and insatiable fake billionaire. He could be fake if his liabilities are more than his assets.

    I fully agree that he does not make a good President of the United States.


    • Donald Trump’s candidacy is a double-edged sword for Americans. Our democratic way of governing allows any American to run for president. That’s something to which all governments should aspire. The flip side is, of course, that not everyone is qualified to be president. It’s a shame that so much money is spent in support of a candidate who is clearly not right for the job. That money would be better spent helping the displaced Syrians in their quest for a better life where others live free of tyrants.

      Thank you so much for weighing in. Your opinion is valid, no matter your citizenship.


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