nurturing thursdays: she’s getting married…

…my daughter…my only sunshine.

How did my little girl go from shadowing me one minute…to standing apart, aglow in a life all her own?

I can remember hearing folks in my mom’s generation saying of children…”Enjoy them while you can. They grow up so fast.” I too say that to young parents now, more out of habit than something to which I truly subscribe.

I think my husband would have preferred carrying his little “pumpkin pie” about on his shoulders…just a little longer. And building igloos together with her in the icy snow that covered our front lawn…just a little longer. And reading bedtime stories in the soft glow of the lamplight, her little head against his chest…just a little longer.

As for me? I wanted tomorrow to come…and the one after that…and the one after that…and all the tomorrows to follow . I wanted time to pass, knowing that with each passing year my only child was still here, beside me. Not until my husband and I celebrated 16 years of marriage did we become parents. Because of that I always felt she could be gone…in the blink of an eye.

Still do.

Like other parents, I hoped I’d live to see my daughter grow into adulthood…and settle into a marriage with someone who would cherish her for the wonderful person she is. Whether or not she bears us a grandchild is unimportant. She, and the son we gain through marriage, are gift enough for us. Of course we would celebrate a little addition to the family…if that is God’s wish.

And so with my daughter’s marriage, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, passing the torch of all-consuming love along to her husband-to-be. Although the love I bear my daughter will always glimmer and burn so that she will never, afraid of the dark.

I’m certain my precious little girl will always remember what I told her long, long ago.

When I’m gone from your side, I’ll still be with you…like a blankie wrapped around your heart…warming you always.


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21 thoughts on “nurturing thursdays: she’s getting married…

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  2. Hi hugmamma, lovely post, kids grow so fast, mine are teens now, and I am already thinking how it will be the day they will leave far away from me. Congrats, and like you said, you are getting a son now, the family is increasing. Happy weekend!

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  3. Ohhhhh…hugmamma…. what an abundance of goodness, blessings and love you’ve passed along to you beloved daughter…and what a blessing that she’ll be sharing that enormous gift of love with her husband to be….now, both of their hearts will be wrapped up inside your warm blankie-of-love….I’m so happy for all of you…. 😀

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    • Time does fly. My body tells me so every day. I realize that as my daughter gets older…so do I. And while I’m nearing my expiration date, so to speak, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m happy seeing that my daughter’s life is working out just fine. hugs for commenting…we’ve been out of touch, but i still consider you a dear friend.


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