our freedoms…at a price

For gun activists who refuse any and all efforts at having their rights to bear arms restricted, they must bear some of the burden for the mass killings that are taking innocent lives. Whether they care to accept the fact that each of these deaths is like a notch etched upon the grip of their guns, it is nonetheless an indelible mark upon their consciences. The only way to ignore this shared responsibility is to relegate those deaths to media statistics. Twenty-four/seven coverage blurs the faces of the dead until they are no longer recognizable as human beings, individuals whose lives were cut short. Their souls lingering on in the purgatory of memories of loved ones left behind.

Facebook, Twitter and other such media sites are similarly responsible for the massacre of innocent lives. Folks in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Acting as enablers of social connectivity, these billion dollar corporations accept no responsibility for crimes that are perpetrated through the use of their sites. The co-mingling of users whose sole purpose is elevated pen-paling with those intent upon murder is akin to seals swimming with sharks. It’s only a matter of time before the latter gets the upper hand.

What price freedom? Sometimes death.

A sad statement when we are willing to accept our lives as headlined in the news. We the people are responsible for what happens to us. We allow it to happen every time we scream our allegiance to our inalienable rights…to bear arms…and freedom of speech. We refuse to compromise our rights, to give an inch to save another’s life. Rights supersedes lives. Always. Either that or the wealthy and their minions who crowd out the silent rest of us are allowed to run roughshod over whatever stands in the way.

We reap what we sow…all of us. Those who buy and sell guns, and those who use social media. We support the framework of human demise.

…simple truth.







2 thoughts on “our freedoms…at a price

  1. The NRA says the nation would be safer if “everyone” had a gun. People are so frightened now that they’d probably shoot at anything they they saw move out of the corner of their eye. People who weren’t expert with guns might shoot themselves in the foot or a family member. They’d be their own worst enemies. For years, amateur hunters have shot their fellow hunters if they saw a bush move. It would be havoc. I hope I never live to see that happen. If it does, God help us all. —- Suzanne

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    • The mentality of the not-so-silent majority these days is to…shoot ’em up, cowboys!!! They’d like George W. back in the White House so that we can send our sons, husbands, and fathers back to the Middle East again to fight ISIS. What their simplistic minds cannot comprehend is that we are already at war with an enemy that is doing battle everywhere and anywhere. It’s like Vietnam exploded all over the face of the earth. And we know what happened with that war. We came home with our tails between our legs. So if Donald Trump continues to mouth off against Muslims the way he is…he’d better fortify his ivory Trump Tower…and forget about the White House.

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