reality tv is not…reality

If you’ve ever watched The Housewives of Beverly Hills…Orange County…NYC…or NJ…you know those folks are larger than life. They’re not the real deal. They’re like the super-sized balloons flying overhead during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. All blown up with…mega-sized eyeballs, lips, hair and bodies.

The same applies to Donald Trump. Followers enamored of him imagine that as President of the United States, he will fire and hire employees exactly as he did on The Apprentice. That’s the individual they want running the country. They further fantasize that President Trump will stop illegal immigrants and incoming Muslims singlehandedly. They don’t ask how. They just know he’ll do it because he says so.

Trump’s presence in the presidential arena replicates exactly what has happened in Congress. Moderate Republicans and their extremist counterparts cannot see eye to eye. A President Trump would tip the balance of power in favor of the Tea Partiers. Where we escaped the same fate with a President Palin, we will now come face to face with an egomaniac far more maniacal and lacking in knowledge than Sarah ever was.

If Trump doesn’t like Mexicans and Muslims, how will he govern those who already live in this country as American citizens? Will he backtrack on his inflammatory rhetoric? Probably not enough to satisfy those groups. And it’s unlikely that the extremists who devour the “red meat” Trump holds out in front of them on a daily basis are going to allow their candidate to renig on his promise to cleanse the population of racial and religious misfits.

Today Trump’s focus and those of his Tea Party followers are upon the Mexicans and Muslims, is it possible that tomorrow they might want to distance themselves from Blacks? Asians? Jews? Catholics? Who knows. Once extremists gain momentum, America could be facing its own Hitler and the evil he wrought upon millions. What happened then in a land far removed, could happen here.

The KKK and the Skinheads are surely smiling at the turn of events…

…and their good fortune.


12 thoughts on “reality tv is not…reality

  1. What is the most scary thing about this stunted 5 year old school yard bully who is filled with hate and loaded down with emotional/psychological scarring is the people who back him and think he actually will bring us into a better place.


    • I like that, Brenda…”stunted 5-year-old.” ha, ha. It conjures up the image of a dwarf with a huge ego. ha, ha. What’s not funny, as you pointed out, is that he appeals to a contingent of Americans who follow him blindly. They have no clue how Trump will get anything done, they just swallow his rhetoric…hook, line and sinker. Yikes!!! 😦


  2. What is scary is not so much that a hateful 5 year old school yard bully is running for President but that we are so stupid we want to vote for him. Goddess/god help us all. By the way, I appreciate what you have to say on this matter. 🙂


    • Thanks lots for weighing in. Not sure who you are since the comment is from “anonymous.” Good to know others feel as I do since the media only voices Trump’s favorable numbers. I’m certain we outnumber his followers, it’s just that Trump news drives the ratings up.


    • What’s scary is the glut of reality shows on TV these days, an obvious indicator of what Americans want to watch. Worse is how these reality stars are becoming the new age celebrities of which the public are so enamored and want to emulate…like the Kardashians and the Housewives and Donald Trump. How far we have fallen in our worship of heroes. And what does it say about the kinds of role models we hold up for the next generations. Sad. Very sad.


  3. Trump is tricky trash. He says many things that many people think but do not say. That is not saying that what he/they think is right. Or even decent. But Trump performs a steam release that others appreciate. He talks before he thinks…and he doesn’t think at all. I trust all his hot air dissapate into the atmosphere, and we will be rid of one more empty bag.


    • You would think Trump’s hot air would burst after his non-performance in the Republican debates. He has nothing substantive to contribute to the serious conversations going on all around him. Somehow his followers don’t care that he has no facts to offer, just the same self-promotion about his billion dollar business…the wall he’s going to build to keep out illegal immigrants…his dissatisfaction with the U.S. trade contracts. Blah, blah, blah. Trump sounds like an uneducated bumpkin trying to scare others like him.

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      • I’m hoping the wider electorate is viewing Trump’s shenanigans with serious consideration so that they get out and vote him down. I’m hoping the Republicans come to their senses and vote him out on his butt in the primaries. Not being one myself, I can’t say for sure what they’ll do. I can only hope that there are more Lincoln admirers among them than Reaginites and George W.s who want a cowboy in the White House.


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