You Are Not Your Conditioning

Aren’t we all guilty of “knee jerk” reactions? In the case of prejudice however, it can be a matter of life and death. Death for colored folk. Death for non-Christians.

…sad, but true.


Humoring the Goddess

thTruth time is often embarrassment time. Sometimes it’s an uncomfortable time. But often it is necessary time. So here goes.

This morning I read an article on about the Minnesota Vikings investigating a confrontation where one fan demanded to know if another fan was a refugee. 

With all the bombings and shootings taking place recently, I knew it would only be a matter of time before knuckleheads started beating on anyone of a different skin color.

The truth is even more upsetting.

I went to a football game on Sunday; our group stands around on the first level, watching the teams warm up, before we go to the nosebleed seats. As I stood there, this “dark-skinned” man came up beside me, and the first thing…the FIRST THING…I thought was…is he a terrorist?

Turned out his wife came around soon, and they took pictures of each other with the…

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4 thoughts on “You Are Not Your Conditioning

  1. I am sorry too. I don’t know why people act like they do. And its not just nationalities colliding. Good, clean white skinned people murder children in schools and people in theaters. Its a dark spot in a bright world.


    • You’re right, goddess. The problem is people…with problems and how they deal with them. And because we’re allowing our baser instincts to have increasingly more free reign…civilized society is being eroded. With that, folks are becoming more like animals…killing one another in a competition to survive.

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  2. Our son has some tint to his skin, like a very light suntan. His hair is black and he used to wear a beard. After 9/11, he shaved it off. My husband is by-polar. His skin is light tan, being he’s Indian. He’s fair by Indian standards. When he was determined to fly to the U.S. unmedicated, our son told me it was dangerous as he was afraid my husband would lose his temper in the New Youk terminal and be shot as a terrorist. He said I had to do something to keep him in India. I had him hospitalized to keep him from going in his manic condition. Our son came to India when he could manage it, and brought him back home. Since then, he fell, breaking his hip, He now has a caregiver who keeps him on his medication. He’s 85 and didn’t want an operation to have a hip replacement. He can walk a bit with a walker and help. —- Suzanne


    • God bless your family, Suzanne. I too think about being non-white even though I’m an American citizen by birthright…when Hawaii joined the union in 1949. There are parts of this country I would not venture to visit…Mississippi…Alabama…Arkansas. I might tiptoe through their capitals and those of other southern states…the Carolinas, West Virginia. I also wouldn’t venture too far into the rural back country where natives know very little, if anything, about other cultures. I definitely worry about the future of any grandchildren our daughter and her husband, a white Texan, have should they decide to move into the deep south for his job. I will voice my concerns to her, but it is their decision. After all, they must live their own lives…


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