nurturing thursdays: those who serve…

Two news pieces reported on MSNBC today, made me pause to reflect upon the sacrifices made by those who keep the rest of us safe.

The first was about firemen who helped in the aftermath of 9/11. As usual, they did not consider the risks to their own safety and well-being. Only years later did that horrific day return to haunt them, many suffering the effects of cancer. Mounting medical bills in addition to an emotional and physical roller coaster ride puts the victims and their loved ones at high risk for depression and serious loss to their quality of life.

Following that report was a piece about a military family whose husband/father has been deployed to the Middle East multiple times. Of the 19 years they’ve been married, the couple have been separated 9 years. Their two sons, now teenagers, have missed their dad tremendously. While the family understands their sacrifice as a career choice, it doesn’t lessen the impact of losing a member for years on end. Especially knowing that each deployment could mean the death of their loved one.

It’s easy to shed a tear or two for the plight of these folks whose lives are spent protecting us. Having compassion, however, also includes giving back…not “sitting back.”

Rather than pay for “pork belly” projects put forth by representatives in Congress, our tax dollars should be spent accommodating the financial needs of those who risk their lives to save ours.

I think that’s what’s so frustrating about many members of the Republican Party. They want “boots on the ground,” but they ignore the fact that these folks have needs. They’re not wind-up robots. They feel. They break. They bleed. They die…and leave behind loved ones of their own.

President Obama is walking a tightrope between keeping our country safe during these perilous times…and showing compassion for the men and women who must answer the call to lay down their lives for their country. Not an easy decision, although the president’s critics rant and rave that it’s a no-brainer. Scary to think what Obama’s successor would do if he or she is a Republican intent upon spilling blood.

…when did we become a dispassionate people?


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5 thoughts on “nurturing thursdays: those who serve…

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  2. Yes, it’s scary that we might get another Bush, or someone like him, in there. ISIS would just love for us to send troops so they could fight hand-to-hand combat. They have the idea they’d either have a glorious victory or go straight to their idea of heaven by dying that way. Now we have want-to-be terrorists right in the U.S. and crank callers causing our schools there to close. It disgusting, besides being scary. — Suzanne


    • Seems we might already be on the threshold of the Third World War…a different playing field…enemies behind every rock…all of us engaged, not just the military. Our approach has to be different…brains, not brawn this time around. Each one of us responsible for winning this one for the sake of everyone. No more retreating to our safe haven, far removed from where the action is. Better join forces with all looking to destroy the common enemy, Isis. Otherwise…divided…we fall.


  3. Teachers and the Military have always been on the low end of the totem pole. I don’t know why — they are the most important people on the planet. They teach our children and protect our country. And none make the salary of a doctor or lawyer — or politician. I’m sorry I have no answer for you this evening…


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