nurturing thursdays: the dancer…

…my daughter.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen my daughter perform…probably 4 to 5 years. Memory-wrapped images are all that remain, and they get fuzzier as time passes. So I’m very grateful for Youtube.  It’s captured the following contemporary piece in which my daughter was the featured soloist. She danced with Nashville Ballet at the time. I only wish it had shown the actual performance, in which she wore a white, romantic tutu which made her look like an angel. Although I’m not complaining; I’ll take what I can get.

This piece was choreographed by Sarah Slipper, founder and artistic director of Northwest Dance Project in Oregon. My daughter had danced with the company for a couple of summers. It’s performances are cutting-edge, thanks to the amazing talent of Sarah and other choreographers she hand picks to join her in producing a show.

Artists…dancers among them…reflect the beauty of the human spirit. If only we would allow…

…more of that inner beauty…to shine through.


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5 thoughts on “nurturing thursdays: the dancer…

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    • Lucky you. Most choreographers do not share their work for fear of theft. And most ballet companies, if not all, do not share their works because again…they do not want others copying their choreography. Sarah Slipper must’ve given her approval to allow this to go viral. They are so far and few between. This is the only one of my daughter I know of that is out there. 😦


  2. Very interesting dance production in which your daughter participated! Awesome it was captured, and placed on YouTube! I know you are proud of her talent/gift. Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday! It’s good to “see” you.


    • Took me awhile to like contemporary dance. Actually, my husband and I became fans of dance because of our daughter. I love dancing too much myself to be able to sit and watch others doing it, although I couldn’t do what they do…maybe if I were younger. ha, ha. Now that we don’t see my daughter’s performances, we don’t tend to watch dance performances in general. There’s something about watching someone you care about doing what they love best. hugs for visiting… 🙂

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