nurturing Thursdays: …a star is born…

Thirty years ago I gave birth to a rising star. Today she is just that.

My daughter was featured in the recent music video of singer and former American Idol contestant, Danny Gokey. In it he sings the hauntingly beautiful melody…”Tell your heart to beat again.”

In all the madness that is today’s world, a little touch of sanity in the form of music and choreography reminds us that life is really about loving one another.

We exist…

…to love…and be loved in return.


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21 thoughts on “nurturing Thursdays: …a star is born…

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  2. Andrea is beautiful inside and out and you know she looks just like you! Guess my brother should get some of the credit… So looking forward to seeing you in June!


    • Been planning her wedding…24/7. Life, mine, will resume once it’s celebrated. Miss you too, goddess. hugs…lots of ’em. Not sure if your comment means you haven’t seen the video…I inserted it onto the post. Let me know…

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  3. waking up this morning, never know where inspirations, signs of beauty or messages of hope are coming from. This morning it was ALL right here. Admittedly, had a good cry, right alone side Andrea. am so touch by her. what an amazing gift she has. what an amazing gift you are.
    sending big hugs, and as alway, miss you lots.

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    • So good to hear your voice, Brent. Always have you tucked away in my heart of hearts. You are a dear, dear friend…no matter the time and space that separates our friendship. You spread joy…with smiles that light up your face. I’ll always be thankful for that…lots of hugs and aloha. 🙂


  4. waking up, to a knew day, never know were inspiration, signs of beauty or moment of hope are going to come from, this morning, it was ALL in your daughters spectacular piece of art. thank you Millie. really, so beautiful, love your cameo. big hugs. so proud.

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    • Big hugs right back at you, and as another friend said…I can now cross “doing a music video” off my bucket list. ha, ha. Read my daughter your comment and she was very touched by your words. Love from both of us… ❤


    • Thank you…and yes, my daughter’s a dancer. Has been doing it for a living since she was 16. Long, hard journey…well worth the ups and downs because it’s her passion. It all worked out in the end…as this video demonstrates. hugs for commenting…


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