do you still…???

Clean your house? Or is that chore relegated to some unlucky soul? Well, in my house…I’m IT!

Fortunately for me my husband isn’t picky about dust collecting, even though he suffers from the occasional asthma attack. Don’t worry, though. Modern science has lessened that concern over time. He’s on meds. And actually the daily intake of local honey has also diminished both our symptoms to seasonal allergens.

As long as my home is straightened and vacuumed, we’re both okay with my procrastination. Luckily there does come a time, however, when the grit and grime makes me want to scream. It might also very well be that when I’m awaken at night with noises that go bump in the night…I’m finally moved to clean every inch of my house. You see we’re occasionally unwilling hosts to a field mouse or two.

So today I got out the Windex and bottle of furniture polish and went at it. Still am…at it…and I’ve only tackled the kitchen so far. I’m no hare when it comes to this race; I’m definitely the turtle…wax in hand…scrubbing, polishing, scrubbing, polishing. Then I’ll get down on hands and knees and polish the floor…by hand. This ensures my getting into every nook and cranny. My husband chuckles at my inefficient methods. However he knows better than to intercede. He’s learned to let me wear myself out, rather than try to convince me to do it his way, the more expedient way.

I may not do this often, but no one can accuse me of being a total slob when it comes to housekeeping. I’ve just learned to set my priorities and tackle one project at a time. And planning my daughter’s wedding was worth letting my house go to pot.

My goal in life now is not to stress…

...but to stop and smell the roses…

…and often!

………hugmamma. (…even in paris, where i took this photo last august.)787


4 thoughts on “do you still…???

  1. I’ve become handicapped due to arthritis and sciatica so it’s fortunate in India I can afford a cleaning lady. It’s quite common here. My husband’s caregiver also voluntarily helps cook and clean to earn extra money. When I was fit I used to help, but I was never a fussy housekeeper. Those roses are outstanding. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • When I lived away from home with my daughter for 2 1/2 years in Atlanta while she was training with Atlanta Ballet at the age of 16, my husband hired a cleaning woman recommended by a friend. We kept her after I returned until she quit due to back problems. Because the couple who took over her clients were not familiar to us and didn’t do as good a job, they were short-lived. My problem with having someone else clean is I would straighten up before they came and would then leave because I was uncomfortable that they would feel I was “looking over their shoulder” the whole time. Dumb, I know. Not something I think I could ever overcome. Fortunately my husband is great about helping around the house now that he’s semi-retired. I don’t mind “looking over his shoulder” as he cleans. ha, ha.


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