teaching our children…

…right from wrong.

That’s what parents set out to do. It’s like the Hypocratic oath for us. Parents: Do no harm. The first line translated from Greek is “I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:…”

Leading by example is the best and the most basic advice a parent could ever follow. “Little pitchers have big ears” is another truism parents would do well to remember.

The Andy Griffith Show and its town of Mayberry is still relevant today. I think even the majority of dissatisfied, Trump supporters would agree. And yet it’s sad to think that while they are clamoring to… “make America great again,” they are sacrificing their children to a slogan.

I’m not a parenting expert, although being a parent is something I take very seriously. In fact, it is my primary undertaking in life…to be the best parent I can be. Everything I believe, everything I do has ramifications…as a parent. Yes, I misstep; but morality is not something I can ever sacrifice for anything or anyone. Before committing to a cause or a person, it has to sit right…in my gut. That alone signals to my daughter that I can be believed; that she can follow my lead.

The end NEVER, EVER justifies the means. No amount of comfort and well being is worth the degradation of one’s soul. Trump has corrupted the morals of millions of parents. In the process, they have shown their children that their morals can be bought by a slogan.

My unsolicited advice to these parents…

…we reap…what we sow.



2 thoughts on “teaching our children…

  1. It seems we’re all reaping what Trump’s been sowing. His rallies are becoming known as brawls. Even his own family standing behind him at his one speech after an election win looked sad. I’ve never before seen a family look that way when their member won an election. It seems like a weird dream of some kind. Even people in other countries are commenting on Trump’s odd behavior. — Suzanne


    • The difference is…we’re not among the sowers. So we will not reap what really matters…our souls remain intact. Truthfully, I think Trump AND his family are astonished at how far he has gone in his bid for the presidency. If he weren’t talking idiocy all the time, he too might look like a deer caught in headlights. I’m certain he has no idea what to do going forward in the way of actually governing. God help those who elect him…they’ll be in for a rude awakening.


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