…gives me the creeps.

Trump is showing himself to be…the bogeyman. And in the process, he’s scaring the heck out of me. Could anyone be scarier? Maybe Hitler in his rise to power.

During my annual eye checkup with our ophthalmologist today, he reassured me that there was no way Trump would be elected president. He cited as proof the fact that 83% of Hispanic women and 91% of African American women are against Trump. As comforting as that may sound, he has until November to wear voters down.

Americans are driven by advertising. Most don’t research the pros and cons behind their purchases. TV ads that keep making the pitch to buy their products usually hit their mark. We are bombarded every day by subliminal messages to buy this or that. And we succumb, time and again. Even against our better judgment in some cases.

If voters hear Trump sound bytes over and over and over again, they might eventually be sucked into believing he’s speaking the truth. In fact, he is a grand manipulator of the truth. It’s what he calls…”the art of the deal.”

Young and old alike smoke, do drugs, drink to excess, and eat junk food. So why wouldn’t they vote for Trump? He’s bad for America, but he tells it like it is. That’s a “high” for a lot of people. They enjoy getting high on Trump’s belly-aching. There’s never been anything like it, so it must be good…at least until after the high wears off. And believe me, it’ll wear off pretty fast if he’s elected.

The really scary part is Trump didn’t expect to win. His was suppose to be a message campaign. The same can be said for his democratic counterpart, Bernie Sanders. Now that Trump is at the top of the Republican heap, he doesn’t know how to lead except to continue denigrating all his would-be detractors, including Speaker-of-the-House Paul Ryan.

Trump’s only asset is making deals. So until he sits at the president’s desk in the Oval Office, Trump will only know how to mouth off from the bully pulpit. Don’t look for substantive policies on how he’d fight Isis, or reduce the deficit, or send millions of immigrants back home to Mexico. Trump hasn’t figured that all out yet. He’s having too much fun scaring the bejesus out of everyone…his supporters, his forsworn enemies at home and abroad, parents and their children, women who aren’t candidates for Miss Universe or who serve as media mouthpieces for him, people of color and non-Christians.

We may watch in disbelief as Kim Jong il, North Korea’s leader, dallies the threat of nuclear warfare in front of the world, but we may be facing our own despot in Donald Trump.

…be careful what you ask for.


8 thoughts on “…gives me the creeps.

  1. Unfortunately, Trump will be elected. There are differences between Trump and Hitler. Though both have/had the same devious traits, Hitler’s goal was the great German Empire. Whereas Trump’s is the great Trump Empire.
    It is sad that today, we have a choice between these 3.


      • Sadly, I don’t know. Those whom we elect to lead us . . . . reflect us. Like the phrase from the old Pogo comic strip. . . “we have seen the enemy, and they are us’. Until this country gets its moral house in order, no politician or set of laws will save us. It doesn’t matter whether we believe in a Divine Creator or not, we are sentient beings and, by nature we instinctively know the difference between right and wrong .
        History is repeating itself. My sadness is for our young. We have not given a future to look forward to. We have given them the potential for war, economic collapse, tyrannical government and chaos.
        Malama. KalamaI iau


  2. I told my daughter, “Vote”, he has to get past Hilary first. She’s a determined woman. Also, the U.S. is not a dictatorship. He wouldn’t be doing things alone. He has to work with and get along with a bunch of other people who are more seasoned than he is. What worries me more is the violence that’s increasing. —- Suzanne


    • Have you heard the pundits today? Trump may trounce Clinton…and Sanders is luring away independents? I guess I’m a realistic optimist…or an optimistic pessimist.


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