…not an award show…

Thus far Trump’s children have described their dad as THE nominee for “Best Father of the Year Award.” What they are not describing is…the BEST candidate for president of ALL Americans.

Having watched the last few days of the RNC, almost nonstop I might add, I’ve not heard or seen anything or anyone reflective of me…a woman of color. No, I’m not Black but as a tanned Pacific Islander with humble, Asian values…there is no one with whom I’ve been able to identify among the rank and file attending the convention. Their faces are predominantly white and their values are predominantly white values. Neither would be problematic, except that the vitriol being exhibited for “red meat” rhetoric is so totally alien to the America I believe in.

I understand the economic strife Trump followers are railing against, but it’s not like the rest of the country hasn’t been in the same boat. Aside from the black contingent crying out for equal treatment under the law, others feeling the economic boot on their backsides are not calling for opponents to be killed.

Not a fan of Senator Ted Cruz, I admired the guts it took for him to stand up in defense of his wife and father. Had he cowered to Party pressure as Paul Ryan did in endorsing Trump for president, I would have continued to think of Cruz as a non-entity.

When is it ever right to set aside our principles in favor of the “end justifying the means?” And Trump as the president of all the good that America stands for is inconceivable. As a wheeler and dealer, he is no better than the Middle Eastern dictators for who back room negotiations is a way of life.

While the Trump children speak lovingly of their father, their body language standing alongside him in the family box demonstrates their allegiance in business terms. There is no physical connection…no touching…no hugging… no tidbits of familial nuances showing organic tenderness.

I salute Trump for his wonderfully poised, politically correct children. I’m sure their mother, Ivana, had a lot to do with their gracious manners. After all, she raised them while her husband was publicly philandering.

It’s obvious that Trump did a good job of bringing his children into the family business. What’s sad is that they bought everything he taught them hook, line and sinker.

Children absorb what they observe. It’s true of the values of the Trump children. “The end justifies the means.” Say anything…do anything…

…to get what you want.



4 thoughts on “…not an award show…

  1. The rest of the world is watching with great trepidation and fear. Let’s hope common sense prevails for everyone’s sake. Scary times if he gets in I think..


    • With blacks and whites already squaring off, rhetorically and physically, a Trump presidency would open the floodgates to the very worst in human behavior. Trump’s all-consuming love affair with making money blinds him to the realities of humanity as it exists at ground level. He rarely, if ever, leaves his golden,Trump tower…to mingle with ordinary people. Except, of course, those fortunate enough to work on his building sites.


  2. I’ve got to admit, Hugmamma, I’ve only watched the RNC in bits and pieces. The hours here are different for one thing. The other thing is I can’t stand Trump’s pompous posturing. He’s like a small child who shows off in front of company. In a young child, it’s cute to a point and then become tiresome. I understand that the other candidates are stuck with him now and are trying to “pull together” for the sake of the party, but it’s rather sickening to watch them go against beliefs and almost crawl. I can understand why Cruz couldn’t bring himself to actually endorse Trump. I wouldn’t even have come if Trump had said things about my mate and father. That crowd on the floor seemed vicious enough to a couple of Cruz’s friends to think it necessary to escort Mrs. Cruz out in such a way as to protect her. That was discussed by the commentators. I agree it’s scary to think of Trump and his “yes man” VP running the country. He’s still got a fight on his hands, though when he goes against Hilary. I have hope all the tried and true Democrats, young people who can’t stand him, non-conservatives, people of color, and all others who feel alienated by him turn out in droves to vote against him. Leave it to him to be surprised if he loses. —- Suzanne

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    • Either way Trump won’t have lost. On his way to the White House he is amassing free publicity which should add massive wealth to his coffers. He’s no dummy, that’s for sure. What he spent to fund his campaign, he will quadruple in business deals long after Clinton’s 8-year presidency. She will be up to her armpits in service to her country; Trump will be up to his carrot-topped toupee…in gold bars.

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