Fellow blogger, Lisa, reminded me that we have HOPE on our side. Fortunately we’ve had two presidents who embodied it…Presidents Obama and Clinton. We who voted for them can carry their legacies of HOPE forward.

We will hope that the next president can live up to the public service demonstrated by that of his predecessors.

As is evident from the thousands protesting Trump’s election, he will never regain what he has already lost as a result of his vitriolic campaign. What he did reinforces what my beloved mother-in-law always warned…words have a permanent effect, especially hateful ones. I firmly believe that what she said is true. Personal experience attests to that fact.

No matter the nice words or gestures the perpetrator tries to offer afterwards, words blasted in anger are forever emblazoned across our memories…and our hearts. Trust in that person is lost forever, like it or not. Those victimized try to get through the avalanche of hateful words the best they can, but their hearts are forever secured against the hurt caused.

Trump is trying to “make nice,” with those he bullied while acting out his school ground antics. Too bad he never learned to “play nice” throughout his 70 years on earth. He may have some measure of success as a businessman, although his methods remain questionable, but his failure as a human being with those outside his tight-knit circle is massive. Whoever shares in the responsibility of his evolution as a self-serving despot should be ashamed for all Trump has become.

Ugly words are just that…ugly. There’s no rationalizing otherwise. Perpetrators have tried…and failed. External expressions may show otherwise; internal hurts are rarely, if ever, healed.

The Obamas will never be able to set aside Trump’s denying the president’s legitimacy as an American. Why should they? The Clintons will never be able to forgive Trump’s words calling for Hillary to be “locked up,” or placing 4 female accusers in the audience front and center during the final presidential debate. Who does these things? Donald Trump, that’s who.

No other candidate in the history of presidential elections has ever demonstrated such ugliness towards his fellow human beings as Trump. And his response to Leslie Stahl of “60 Minutes” (to be aired this Sunday), when asked if he regrets his words? He quickly replied “I won!”

Trump won…but he lost the hearts of millions and millions of Americans. What an empty, sad life. To quantify success in the accumulation of accolades and material wealth.

Trump lost. Connection with other human beings is the most valuable asset any of us can have when we take our last breath. No earthly treasure can measure up.

Trump may have gained the world; but in the process, he has lost…

…trump has lost.

………hugmamma.Image result for images of donald trump



5 thoughts on “hope…

  1. He’s not only lost in other ways including the popular vote. Millions of parents had his rallies and debates on their TV sets and their children heard his rants and are repeating them. You probably saw as I did that film clip on TV where white children in a middle school cafeteria were chanting “Build a wall.” and making Hispanic children cry. That’s group bullying. I hope the school principal and teachers put a quick stop to that and notified the parents. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I’d hoped with a Clinton win the knots in my stomach would dissolve quickly. Now I know they’ll be there for at least 4 years. The only way I can shrink them is to avoid following the ups and downs of his term. My husband is delighted. I’ll try not to focus upon his governance except for the occasional “breaking news.” Good luck… 😦

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  2. wonderfully written- and speaks to the root of it my friend- his words can never be taken back- the words that have incited the bigots and racists and allowed them to come forth and say unspeakable things to people without blinking an eye because Trump has given them that power and the okay-and the words against Clinton and Obama will remain too. Thank you for this post

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    • The Trumps seem able to ignore the voices of those protesting his ugly campaign rhetoric. The wealthy clan seem a world apart from the reality of ordinary Americans…even though they used working class folks to further their Trump brand. And they continue to use their supporters to drown out those seeking democracy and civility for all. Neither the Trumps nor their supporters “get” it.

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