putin’s America…

If Trump is re-elected…God forbid…Putin will be emboldened to begin expanding his empire’s borders in our direction. With his operative in the White House for another 4 years, Putin will begin colonizing America with Russians. After all, Trump has declared his affinity for white, Northern Europeans. Even now, I’ve noticed an uptick in Russians living among us. If it weren’t for Trump’s fawning all over Vladimir Putin, I wouldn’t have noticed.

With the majority of Republicans solidly behind him, as they are now, Trump will begin making the military his own. As generals who worked in his administration have demonstrated, they are anchored to their commander-in-chief for life. It’s highly unlikely Mattis, McMaster and Kelly would arm themselves against Trump. To do so would be to dishonor themselves and their military careers.

The Secret Service, the Department of Justice, the Senate and perhaps even the Supreme Court are Trump’s for the asking. And it’s guaranteed…he will ask. It’s highly unlikely he’ll be indicted for trying to bribe Ukraine’s president, so who’s to stop him from asking for whatever he wants from now on.

Putin will help Trump…continue Russia’s invasion of America. And we owe it to our Republican countrymen.

…as for me…I’ll be on an island in the middle of the ocean…far, far away…


3 thoughts on “putin’s America…

  1. I have just finished reading A Warning by the anonymous, who wrote the editorial in the New York Times. It is both depressing and hopeful. Maybe there are Republicans who will say enough is enough! Let us hope so. I know that I will work as hard as I can to keep Trump from being re-elected if the Senate does not vote yo convict.


    • Hi Laurie…I stopped reading books about Trump a bit ago. I have a few that I will read…one day, when this nightmare is over. Unless Putin gets his tentacles on our Constitution and destroys America as we now know it. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic. However, the Republicans are “selling us down the river” real fast. As the author of the book “The Cult of Trump,” put it…his followers are blind to everything but him. It’s like Jones Town on steroids. Sad, really. I’m not moving to Canada; I’m doing one better…I’m going home.

      Keep in touch; hope all’s well…


  2. Indeed, indeed. Unfortunately, I feel the same about both parties. More and more, we are beginning to see the separation of the haves and have nots. The me versus them. To me, Trump is merely a puppet. To Putin? Sure appears that way. But, I think it’s more than just Putin. If we study Trump’s business history, the conclusion I get is that, ignoring the fact that Trump received a huge inheritance from his father, Trump, in reality, is a failed businessman. It has been reported that the only bank willing to extend Him credit is the Deutsche bank of Germany. And today I read where a Saudi prince claimed that he once bailed Trump out of bankruptcy. So, the question is: how many people own Trump?


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