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Turning 61 this year means that I will be stepping through the doorway into the “twilight of my years.” I can see the sun setting ever so gradually upon the horizon. Not that I mind, much. Except for missing family, friends and pets, I know I’m doing the best I can with what life has dished up. And I continue to squirrel away wonderful memories to take with me on my next “adventure.” Like my all-time favorite sitcom “I Love Lucy”, I expect to be churning out episodes of my life well into the hereafter. So stay tuned.

That said, I have loosely comprised lists of things I’d like to accomplish, before I dance as backup to Michael Jackson and jam with Elvis. As you can see, I’ve differentiated between those that are real possibilities, and those that are well, not so much.

if I try REAL hard:  

  1. Be totally satisfied with how I’ve constructed my blog.
  2. Entice lots of folks to read my blog.
  3. Have my writing published in hard copy, even if it’s only a footnote in someonelse’s book.
  4. Lose 10-15 pounds. (My excuse is menopause.)
  5. Spend more time playing with my pets. (Can be a full time job, like blogging.)
  6. Read the Twilight Saga series. (Harder for me than you might think.)
  7. Revisit Venice with my husband and daughter.
  8. Downsize my enormous collection of stuff.
  9. Replace my SUV with a sporty convertible or volkswagon bug.(Vroom…vroom! I’m the little ole lady from…)

not in a million years:

  1. Meet and visit with Katherine Jackson.
  2. Meet and visit with Lisa Marie Presley.
  3. Meet and visit with the Obama family.
  4. Visit the Galapagos Islands.
  5. Buy a vacation home in Hawaii.
  6. Fly businees class everytime I travel. (Hubby’s already nixed this idea.)
  7. Sing with a band, any band.
  8. Eat anything I like without “suffering” the consequences.
  9. Drive on freeways without panicking that I’ll end up in another state. (“I’m goin’ on the freeway! I’m goin’ on the freeway!” I actually screamed this over the phone to my husband once.)
  10. Win the lottery! (“You gotta be in it to win it.)

any bets…hugmamma

33 thoughts on “bucket list

      • It was really beautiful there, but they use so much pesticide! I’m pretty allergic to everything in existence, and I was really sick there for the whole time. Anytime anything came into our house it died from the pesticide- even small lizards all died, it was pretty creepy. I’d like to live in Hawaii 100 years ago, but not now… I did love love love how beautiful it was and the incredible farmer’s markets though!


        • I was born in Maui in 1949 and lived there until I attended the U of H in Honolulu in 1966. I agree…Hawaii in those days, especially throughout the 50s was more pristine than it probably is today. And it wasn’t the mecca for tourists it has become these last few decades, so the native Hawaiian way of life…living with nature…was ideal. No pesticides needed. Of course growing up part-Hawaiian, I took my life for granted. While I still love my native land, especially since family still reside there, I’m fortunate to have carried around in my heart and mind and soul…the Hawaii of my childhood. Nothing can separate me from my memories, while I remain in good health. And that is my life’s aim…going forward. hugs for your comments…


  1. Good luck on your lists! I love your goals. Number 9 on your “not in a million years” list made me smile. Once when living in Southern California I had nearly the same fear. However, my panic arose when I thought I was going to drive into another country! I nearly missed the last exit before Mexico. Oops!!


    • Now that my 27 year-old daughter has moved back home to live with my husband and me, I needn’t fear that I’ll end up in another state while driving. Point in case…twice yesterday while driving in Seattle I had to backtrack to get where I was trying to go. While she’s with us, some of my daughter’s driving confidence might rub off on me. Fingers crossed! Our home is a pit stop until she flies the coop again in search of a contemporary dance company with whom she’d like to dance….maybe Chicago, maybe New York, maybe L.A. While I have her…I’m loving every moment. 🙂


  2. Hugs are given freely to the man who has no soul a woman with heart tells no lies and does not tell truths that would hurt others. The hug was for the hurt that you had caused and though you betrayed the one that cared and know not why you got so much wrong the woman who hugs knew you were never sorry all along. Truth and real love is simple you just have to work all out and the anwser will come before the world ends.


  3. I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one today..


    • Funny you should mention flying in first class. My family recently did just that when we flew to Hawaii for my mother-in-law’s funeral. A sad occasion…so it was nice to be comforted before we even got there.

      hope you visit again…hugs… 🙂


  4. I love your list and I identify with many of them! I say go for it with all of them. I do believe that writing down a ‘wish list’ or bucket list is a great way to make them come true. You have put your desires out into the universe and now all you have to do is the work and they will happen!


  5. Hi nice lady, I am not good at this computer stuff, old school is my way but my daughter let me use her laptop for a sleep over..I’m 66 yrs young & came accross your site while looking for Ellen, I enjoyed reading it & I believe you will have a book published, so I say go for it. Iwas married for 30 yrs to my soulmate Ronnie whom we lost Xmas eve from a very aggressive cancer. He fought it for 51/2 yrs. I miss him . Well thank you for the shoulder, I’ll come back to your site as soon as I can get a computer hahahaha..Hug your family & smile………


    • I hope you do come back. So sorry to hear your soulmate has passed. But I’m sure he still hovers over you like a guardian angel. He surely wants you to be the young woman you obviously are…with a wonderful sense of humor. 😉


    • When we lived in Connecticut, we would often go antiquing on weekends. Back roads were the only way we found many antique havens. My family agrees that we had some of the best vacations staying at B&B’s, and small inns. While I trudged through fields where there were flea markets, or in and out of shops in out-of-the-way villages, my husband and toddler daughter would play board games on a blanket, ride swings in a nearby park, or read story books. Precious moments…cherished forever.

      hugs for all your comments…hugmamma. 😉


    • Thanks for letting me know I’m not a wuss, Cat, since I certainly don’t consider you one.

      I’ve always blamed my fear of freeway-driving on being an island girl. Having learned to drive on Maui in the ’50’s, was probably like maneuvering a horse and buggy through the streets of the Victorian Era. But hey, I got by somehow. And at 61, I’m still managing, as long as my freeway trips are short and sweet. Thank you very much.

      hugs for a happy 2011!…hugmamma.


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