hawaiian at heart

it’s not reserved for a designated few,

being hawaiian, I mean.

anyone of like mind,

is in.

it’s not your skin color, or hair color,

or even the color of your eyes.

it’s not your religion,

or lack of,

that imbues you with a hawaiian soul.

it’s not education, or street smarts,

or being homeless, or having wealth.

it’s not fame, or obscurity,

age, height, or weight.

only one thing matters.

that forever in your heart,

you must have “aloha,”

for every living creature,

bar none.

if you do, then you areย 

a hawaiian hugmamma,

justย not exactly,

no, not exactly,ย 

never a carbon copy……………………of me!

10 thoughts on “hawaiian at heart

    • You are most certainly a hugger. Not sure if that gets you a free pass to expensive island living, however. Even I can’t afford to buy a dream home in Hawaii. Nonetheless, Hawaii is a place I carry in my heart…no matter where I put down roots. So I hereby make you my Hawaiian sister…hugs! ๐Ÿ™‚


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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