after all the hoopla…

It never ceases to amaze me what draws huge hits to “hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul.”

When I participated in the “365 photo challenge,” certain posts attracted hundreds and hundreds of viewers. I soon attributed my choice of words  in the caption as to why all the hoopla. I think people expected to see naked bodies frolicking about, or something along those lines. Especially when one “hugmamma” is the blogger. You’d think it read “hot mama.” Makes me laugh, just reminiscing about my naivete in thinking I was being recognized as a…good writer…and better-than-average photographer.

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Just recently my blog experienced a tremendous number of hits. One day alone saw almost 900 visitors. Now that my numbers are back to normal, I’ve determined that the fuss was aboutDilbert and his creator’s, Scott Adams, articles about taking risks.

I’ve no magic bullet to attracting viewers to “hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul.” I’m certain never to be a candidate for WordPress‘s “freshly pressed.” I’m almost certain I’m not their cup of tea…or coffee.  Anyway, they’ve millions from which to choose. And there are bloggers who’ve got the know how to get chosen; while others just happen into…the right place…at the right time.

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So as my readership floats back to earth, I just wanted to thank those of you who get me…as a writer…and person. I’m just one of you…up one day, down the next…but still happy…

…to be alive…and writing…

Karma as action and reaction: if we sow goodne...

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…and giving…and receiving…
………hugmamma  😉

blows me away…!!!


WOW Hits 2006

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It never ceases to amaze me when a particular post, and I never know which one, sends my views soaring. I was reminded of the once-in-a-great-while occurrence, when hits to my very recent post ” 365 photo challenge: loaded” skyrocketed to 408 views…and counting! The same thing happened with “the best gift…ever,” which hit 149 views. Long before that, as far as I can remember, was the post “putting a face on the unknown,” which got over 250 hits.

I know for sure there are other blogs which rack up astronomical views regularly. I don’t pretend to know their secret formulas. While all writers would love to be read, I think most who are passionate about their own messages, their own voices, can’t help but remain true to their own styles, whatever that may be.

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So while I value what I write, I never know what readers will value. But sometimes it may involve “gimmicks.” The post about being “loaded,” connotes drinking to excess which may have a broad appeal, especially among the youth. The post about my daughter’s invaluable presence in my life, included a very fetching picture of her, again an attractive element to youthful readers, especially the males. And the post about the “unknown” was to do with the Human Rights Campaign efforts on behalf of the gays, lesbian and transgender community. That included a segment about American ice skater Johnny Weir, with accompanying photo. I learned that mention of this athlete brought a flood of gay fans to my blog.

I couldn’t hope to duplicate such numbers if I tried. It’s like chatting with a friend in a crowded room with everyone talking, and your mention of some inconsequential tidbit, draws everyone’s attention to your conversation. “Whaaa?!? What’d I say?…what’d I say?”

that’s exactly how i feel when views go through the roof…without any preconceived help on my part…hugmamma. 

10,001, and counting!!!

You’ve done it!!! Just the beginning of February, and you’ve registered over 10,000 viewings, better known as “hits.” And I’m 54 posts away from my goal of 365. So I’ll keep churning them out, hoping you’ll keep riding my catamaran…off into the tropical sunset. Wish I could take you all on a cruise to Hawaii. Maybe in the next life when I return as Maui’s answer to Oprah Winfrey. Never can tell. Anway I can fantasize, I’m great at that!

You can track the number of posts I’ve written, and the “hits” to my blog. Both figures are given in the sidebar, along the right side of my postings. The “hits” are further down, above the “comments” list.

congrats to you…and heartfelt thanks too!…hugmamma.