“believe anyway”…beautifully written

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Wanted to refer you to another blog, one I’ve recently visited with some regularity which I’ve found absolutely delightful, probably because its writer could be my Siamese twin in terms of beliefs, humor, anxieties, compassion and hope.

We’re both on a mission to inject optimism into an ever-growing environment of negativity. I wouldn’t say we play the role of society’s Pollyana, for we’ve both lived enough to know we can’t just wish away our problems, nor can others. That’s somewhat simplistic in today’s reality…maybe back in the day…like the 50’s. I don’t know.

Believe anyway says it all. And Kate Kressen writes wonderfully as well…


…genuinely…from the heart…

……….hugmamma.  🙂

freshly pressed…i nominate

I’ve made peace with never making “Freshly Pressed.” There are hundreds of thousands of blogs from which to choose, and WordPress has its guidelines. It’s likely that my blog doesn’t meet their expectations of the best. And I’m certain readers have a say in what topics appeal. Nonetheless, I will continue to blog as long as my passion for it persists…and my words make sense to the readers who frequent hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul. So heartfelt thanks to those of you who still find value in my stories.

PhotoHowever, if I were able to nominate a blog for WordPress’s highest award “Freshly Pressed,” I would select murphysrun. Relatively new to our community of bloggers, its writer brings, what I consider, a unique twist to storytelling. A professional photographer, with representation in an art gallery, he is taking a turn at raising his 3 young children. A considerable asset to his wife in that respect, my new friend brings poignant insight into child-rearing from a man’s vantage point. And what a perspective it is. A witty writer who is not afraid of inserting sentimentality wherever appropriate, he is a good person, doting father and loving partner.

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Murphysrun is crisp, engaging, fun, happy, introspective. He writes for everyman…who is a husband…and a father. But I must admit…he even writes for everywoman…who is a partner…and a parent. We have formed a bond, he at one end of the age spectrum, me at the other. He is facing the challenges of raising children; I’m an empty-nester. His life experiences are different from mine because of our gender, our geographical and cultural backgrounds, and our professional career paths.

What hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul and murphysrun have in common are the telling of stories, life stories, about loved ones and the values instilled in us, and which we hope to instill in our offspring, and which we also share with others in support of their own lives. My blogging friend and I speak with passion and compassion, fervor and hope, and positive voices that might be heard above the din of negative ones.

i highly recommend you visit http://murphysrun.wordpress.com/ …stories of everyday life…which might also be entitled…life with father…or is that too vintage?…more my time?…hugmamma.

blogging, internet “magic”

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First blogging buddy Scriptor Obscura had asked me some time ago to author a post on her blog. Very flattered, I agreed, but it took me awhile to get my footing on WordPress. A month or so later, I’m now comfortable in my own blogging “skin” to say a few words on Scriptor Obscura’s blog. 

Please click on the following to read my original post, ” ‘small’  story, big impact”  for Scriptor Obscura’s blog. It’ll give you further insight into what I’m all about.

Another blogging buddy, My English Thoughts, has also posted the second half of the interview she did with me on her blog. My answers to the questions will give you more biographical info, including my take on life as a native Hawaiian. Clicking on the following will take you there.


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We’d all love for you to experience the magic of the internet. Imagine 3 people living in France, Pennsylvania, and Washington State, coming together via a shared interest in  blogging. That we were able to reach out, complete strangers, and become better acquainted with one another, is no small feat. So when you visit both blogs, keep in mind that there was a good amount of wizardry that occurred behind the scenes to make it all happen.

for partaking of our combined efforts…we thank you…and send a trio of huge hugs…hugmamma.

baby steps…whew!


Denial of Service Attack

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Seems I’m getting back on track being allowed to leave comments with blogging buddies, Scriptor Obscura, The Daily Dabbler, Sage Chronicles or The (mis)Adventures of Sage, jeanne’s blog, and Random Thoughts from Mid-life. Although my comments are still not being accepted by my host, WordPress.com. Strange, but probably understandable in view of their recent DDoS, Distributed Denial of Service attack. Hubby thinks they’re still trying to get out from under the barrage.

We shoot at you

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It’s an unfortunate world we live in, when enemies use every means at their disposal to try and bring us down. It always comes back to the “have nots” wanting what the “haves” have. Where does the fault lie, solely with the “have nots,” or also with the “haves?” In a capitalistic world, even the third world countries are moving in that direction, equality doesn’t seem a given, no matter what we like to think. I guess the equality we speak of in a democratic, capitalistic society is that we can all line up shoulder to shoulder at the starting line. What happens thereafter is “every man for himself.” Forget about those who fall by the wayside, or those who are handicapped and can’t even get “out of the gate.” These unfortunate are either stampeded or helped by “good samaritans,” who fall back to help their fellow man. Not a savory picture of humankind, but a very real one nonetheless.

Overly simplistic viewpoint, for sure. And I’m just as certain that there’s no easy answer. But perhaps there’s enough finger-pointing to go around.

an early morning rambling…hugmamma.

“funny thing?!?,” ellen de generes

Something just happened which makes me think I’ve still got a tiny, rain cloud hovering overhead, leftover from my recent spate of mishaps.

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While I was in my hovel pounding away on my keyboard, wordpress.com initiated “blog buddies” in January of this year. A great idea, it fosters the growth of communities among wordpress.com bloggers. Other sites like Oprah.com and Live Journal  are known for their interactive networks. Having been a latecomer to the scene, I attempted to make connections. With no responses to my requests forthcoming, I surmised that perhaps our interests and backgrounds were too dissimilar. No problem, I thought. There’ll be other opportunities, I’m sure.

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But being the person I am, oft times gregarious, I decided to email Ellen,  inviting her to be my blog buddy. When I’ve watched her show, she seems up for anything. So I thought “Why not?”

Going to her website and pulling up its first page, there was a contest I could enter if I wanted. Out of curiosity, I did. I knew 2 of the 3 answers immediately; I guessed the third. Upon clicking “continue,” what I saw next were 3 gold ribbons offering prizes for having been the day’s grand prize winner.” They were a $1,000 Walmart gift card, a $1,000 Best Buy gift card and an Ipad. Unable to fathom what I was seeing, but attempting to make a quick decision, I called my husband and my daughter, to no avail. Finally deciding to go for the Best Buy prize, I  clicked my choice. As expected, the next part of the process was to fill in some information, which I did. Continuing to the next page, I was asked to input my cell phone number. Of course I had to call my cell to make sure I had the correct number. But before I went any further, I read the fine print. Oh, oh, I thought.

If I clicked, I would be engaged in an ongoing game of sorts with ringtones, games, messages and so on. The cost? $9.99 a month, indefinitely. I was assured I’d be able to cancel after 30 days if I wanted. Well, I couldn’t get out of that scenario fast enough, especially after being scammed recently by “System Tool,” which infiltrated my laptop with viruses. Fixing that problem cost me $199, and cancelling a couple of credit cards as well. So I quickly began backing out of what looked like another scam, “Click + alt + delete.” What I couldn’t understand is how Ellen’s website would allow such an occurrence. But, hey! This is still all new to me.

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I emailed Ellen asking about the contest, and if she’d agree to be my blog buddy. I’m sure she’s got lots on her plate, so I don’t expect a response to either. But maybe one of her fun assistants will send a big “hello.” Again, I won’t be holding my breath…

seven months does not an expert make…but i’m having fun in the process…hugmamma.  😉