weekly photo challenge: eerie

Visiting the Roman Coliseum where gladiators, wild beasts, and religious martyrs faced death before throngs of cheering spectators was…eerie. How strange it was to stand amid the ruins where the spirit of death continued to hang over all. There but for the grace of God…I thought.Imported Photos 00442Walking the roads of the ancient city of Pompeii, decimated by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius was…eerie. It felt as though we were walking upon the dead.Imported Photos 00388Imported Photos 00386Imported Photos 00396

weekly photo challenge: flowers

Thought I’d offer a slightly different rendition from the norm. I’m sure participating blogs will have an abundance of pictures featuring beautiful flowers growing in gardens or displayed in homes. Excellent photographers abound on WordPress, so there’ll be no shortgage of breathtaking entries.

My love for melding both old and new into my home decor, prompted me to share household items whose designs incorporate floral motifs. Beauty that’s timeless…and that never goes out of style…

…i hope you’ll agree………hugmamma.

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