trick ads…

Earlier I posted that I’d been invited to participate in WordAds, paid advertising sponsored by WordPress. I declined because of security concerns, moved on and eventually forgot about it. A visit to another blog seconds ago jarred me back into that old conversation.

Without intending to click on a “paid advertisement,” i.e. a commercial…who chooses to watch them, anyway?…I discovered I wasn’t viewing what I thought was part of the blogger’s post. I had just clicked $$$ into the owner’s pocket.

Advertising advertising

Advertising advertising (Photo credit: Toban Black)

While I’m not adverse to capitalism, I’m not particularly fond of deception. After I’d done the dastardly deed, or while I was scrutinizing the youtube video as to its relevance to the post, I noticed in small print “advertising” floating just above and to the left of the commercial.

Feeling bamboozled, I discontinued watching the ad. So I’ve no idea what it was selling. Instead I perused the site. With 4,000,000 page views and thousands of followers the blogger is building quite a nest egg.

The writing is good, as are the photos. I’ve no complaint there. I’m just a little skeptical when it comes to visits to “like” other blogger’s posts, because etiquette calls for return visits and “likes.” A silent handshake, if you will.

There’s a hope that behind it all is a genuine expression of favorability. I don’t like to participate in popularity contests, especially when there’s a payoff involved.

Ads on blogs is fine, when they’re above board. When they sneak up on the reader, I’m not a fan. After unknowingly clicking on the ad, I felt like a “deer in headlights.” I think I’ll be more careful…where I wander…so as not to have another…

Deer in Headlights




the oscars…not quite…but almost

I’m nonplussed at the various awards bestowed upon me by fellow bloggers, whom I consider to be good friends as well. “Nonplus…to render utterly perplexed.”

Ellen The Complete Fourth Season DVD Cover Art

Image via Wikipedia

To be recognized for something I’d rather do 24/7, than tasks I could easily chuck such as housecleaning…culling through stuff to keep or to donate…prepping for meals and cleaning up afterwards…driving hither and yon running errands…is like having Ellen phone me just to chat, see how I’m doing, ask what’s new.

So I’ll just pretend that all of my friends have given me a few moments of Ellen’s time. That’s how honored I am to accept their congratulations for a job well done in writing for “hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul.”


The Versatile Blogger Award has been given me by 3 special ladies, Judy Berman of, Ma. Novie Godmalin of, and Doris of

The Lovely Blogger Award was given me by Kate Kresse of

The HUG Award was bestowed me by Connie Wayne of

And today Marcia Clarke of advised I was a recipient of the Awesome Blog Content Award.

So that they know of my appreciation before more time passes, I wanted to acknowledge their recognition posthaste. I will be visiting their blogs to properly accept the awards and fulfill the conditions of acceptance. Meanwhile, I recommend you peruse their blogs and enjoy their offerings…

…almost as much as i do…

73rd Academy Awards

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…thank you…mahalo…muchas gracias… nice chatting with you, ellen…

………hugmamma.  🙂 

beneath…the lemon tree

English: lemon tree Italiano: limone

Image via Wikipedia

I promise this will be my final post regarding lemons and At least I hope so. Depends upon the “powers that be” and their lemon tree.

Received welcome news from Yoav of WordPress support. Seems I’m not losing my mind. I didn’t switch from to Funny, or not so funny, is how one can be convinced of something one is pretty certain is incorrect.

In my mind’s wanderings…there’s a lot of that…I likened internet sites, including WordPress, to our democracy. We’re free people with rights. But in exercising our freedom, we must wend our way through a jungle of obstacles…some visible…some invisible. It’s the ones we don’t see that can keep us from moving forward.

How to proceed?

Sitting Bull (c. 1831-1890). Sitting Bull was ...

Image via Wikipedia

We can either shrug our shoulders, make a u-turn, and go back the way we came. Or we can very stealthily look to gain entrance through a back door…ssshhh!…someone might see us. Or like the proverbial bull in the china shop, we can see red and become bellicose!

On the other hand, there’s always diplomacy.

Talk, talk, talk…until someone deigns to listen. I think only one in a hundred take this route. With my gift for gab…I can’t help but be one of them. Having a thousand thoughts bombarding my mind like yellow jackets that sting unless I cooperate, when one argument fails I try another…and another…and another. My husband is understandably worn down after 41 years of being wedded to a woman with bees in her belfry. Poor, poor man.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Image via Wikipedia

Of the 4 or 5 queries I made to WordPress support, one finally got an answer. Admittedly, I would’ve been content with any reply just to know someone took notice; that I wasn’t doomed to remain in limbo forever.

It’s that feeling of talking and not hearing one’s own voice reverberate back. One begins to wonder if one’s vocal chords suddenly went mute. Like when I accidentally hit “mute” on the TV remote. Whaaa happened???

So I’m eternally grateful that Yoav plucked me out of my dilemma and set me back down on two feet…kerplunk!…in the wonderful, democracy that is


> John Burke of Word Ads informed me by email today that I wasn’t accepted for
> application because your records were not updated to show I had transitioned
> I am truly surprised, for I never altered my WordPress status.
> 62, and a housewife with minimal technical skills, I have no aptitude for
> managing my own blog. I would really appreciate having my status with
> reconfirmed. The only change I agreed to was buying my domain
> “hugmamma” through WordPress in June of last year.
> Thank you and look forward to clarification of the matter.

This might be an error – sorry about that.
Please feel free to apply to Word Ads again.


Yoav Support

In the future I’ll be laying low, keeping my head at ground level so as to stay out of the range of the overly abundant lemon tree. The two times WordPress has taken notice of me were not favorably memorable…spamming my comments and then obliterating my blog from the community a year ago, and now, banishing me to I think it best “hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul” remain in the hinterlands…far from a system gone amok!

Wait a minute. Are we talking about WordPress…or…the mess our country is in?

English: flowers of the lemon tree in our garden

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lemon tree very pretty…and the lemon flower is sweet…but the fruit of the poor lemon…is impossible to eat…

………hugmamma.  😉


raining…lemon drops…

Photogram created by slices of lemon on colour...

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Ever hear the expression…”When it rains, it pours?” You’d literally expect that here in the environs of Seattle. However with my recent good fortune of having lemons dumped in my lap…I’ve now got lemons falling from heaven.

How’s that you say? Raining lemons? Well for this Hawaiian hugmamma it might as well be. Snow has been falling steadily since 4 a.m. this morning. By tonight I might be up to my eyeballs in the white stuff. That’s if I venture out to romp around in it. Which you know I won’t. Maybe when I was a spring chicken. I’m afraid I’m an old goat now. My romping days are definitely over…sigh.

Mocha, on the other hand, would love to take me sledding. I can see us. She bounding along on one end of her leash…me bumping along on my butt on the other end. No. I don’t think so. Especially since my back is finally returning to that of a walking, talking 62-year-old, and not that of a bent over, wizened old crone. You think I jest?

Dr. Öz at ServiceNation 2008

Image via Wikipedia

But what got me out from under my cozy covers to scribe this post was the effects of my latest vitamin supplement, SAMe. According to both Drs. Oz and Amen, its suppose to brighten my mood. I’m here to say it does seem to have that effect. No matter the situation, I’ve been able to  weather the dark mood that tries to settle in on my brain, by flooding it with positive thoughts.

So what can I make of the snowfall? Projects! Numero uno on my “to do” list is reorganizing my half of the garage, the side where I can’t park my car because it’s full of my opala…Hawaiian for…junk. The other half is where my husband parks his car. So, yes. As I type, my poor little Betsy is freezing her buns off…as she shivers in the cold…parked in the driveway. But she’s from Seattle, so she’ll manage.

Deutsch: König Midas, Öl auf Leinwand, 71 x 54 cm

Image via Wikipedia

For crafty folk…no, not the deceitful ones…who love to putter away making things to keep or sell, what better time to get to it. I use to be one such. I’ve the supplies filling plastic bins in the garage to prove it. Those days of laboring for pittance are long gone. Now I prefer to write…for nothing. Actually both were, and are, done for the love of the thing. I never thought, still don’t, I’d become King Midas. I may lay an egg…but for sure it won’t be golden.


Lemon drops keep falling on my head…but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red…cryin’s not for me

………hugmamma.  🙂

christmas…lives on…

Had a wonderful post-holiday celebration Saturday night, with friends who happen to be neighbors. Two retired couples joined my husband and me for a Hawaiian smorgasborg. One couple married less than a year ago are heading to California shortly, for some relaxation in the warm desert sun. How we will envy them…especially since snow has been falling for a few days, making driving conditions somewhat sketchy. Icy roads…icy everything…icy me. Brrr…

English: Venus orbits the Sun at an average di...

Image via Wikipedia

Food, wine, and laughter flowed easily. When close friends gather there’s apt to be much good-humored teasing about men being from Mars and women being from Venus. That night was no exception.

Friends married the longest couldn’t seem to agree as to who it was that hung the towel-warmer in their remodeled master bath. She was absolutely certain it was her husband; he swore that it had been the contractor who’d done the installation, even though he’d initially tried to talk them out of it. The humorous exchange continued throughout our after-dinner conversation on a variety of topics.

I was certain our newly married friends would have nothing to share on the subject of discord. Lo and behold, the wife finally spoke up after her husband talked at length about a military-tactic he used with his children when they were teenagers, holding them responsible for their own actions.

Lost Luggage (Decide Your Destiny)

Image via Wikipedia

What ensued was a lively discussion about bed-fixing and luggage-packing. The husband had spent many years as a military man, so an attention to detail lingers to this day. The wife attested to being able to make up a nice-looking bed in 3 minutes. Her hubby, she explained, took that long to tuck in the corners.

When it came to packing for their warm-weather trip, the wife informed us that she got everything together beforehand, but didn’t actually assemble them neatly into the suitcase until the day prior. Hubby meanwhile began packing last week. His reasoning was that in the ensuing days he could winnow it all down to only what was absolutely necessary.

English: File name: 07_11_000366 Title: Woman ...

Image via Wikipedia

Then both wives commisserated on needing much more in the way of vacation wear than the husbands deemed appropriate. Of course I agreed. There’s day-wear and evening-wear. Then there’s the accompanying accessories…sandals, casual shoes, evening shoes…day purse, evening purse. And then, of course, the jewelry, makeup, toiletries.

Deciding to serve our friends a “typical” islander meal wasn’t made until the morning of. People are always asking “So what do Hawaiians eat?” It’s as though we have exotic tastes 24/7. Truth be told, we eat meat and potatoes, like most Americans. Of course the seasonings make the difference.

Fried rice from Fried rice from Andy's Chinese...

Image via Wikipedia

Instead of southern fried chicken, I made shoyu chicken. Instead of spaghetti and meatballs, I served sweet-and-sour meatballs with Chinese fried rice. Sides included potato salad-a-la-Hawaiian style, a platter of tomato and mozzarella slices over which I’d drizzled Paul Newman‘s balsamic vinaigrette, and julienned carrots sauteed in a little butter then sprinkled with dried tarragon to taste. Wanting to give our friends a small sampling of our local Chinese restaurant‘s menu, we also included their Honey Walnut Shrimp.

Everyone helped themselves to some of everything. And that’s how the Hawaiians do it…a little of this…a little of that…or a lot of this…and a lot of that. Whatever pleases. There are no formal rules except to make yourself at home…and eat, eat…no be shame! Eat! 

The piece de resistance it seems was my homemade pineapple upside down cake. The husband-newly remarried, according to his bride, never…ever…eats dessert. Well when I set the cake down in the middle of the table…his was the loudest exclamation of delight. The only dessert he’d ever eat, happened to be the pineapple upside down cake made by his aunt. In his mid-70s now, that was a long, long time ago. Needless to say I sent him home with a large piece…for the next day.

Venus reflected in the Pacific Ocean

Image via Wikipedia

After our friends left, hubby and I had a lot of cleaning up to do. But we both agreed that the evening was well worth the effort. Easy camaraderie, conversation that flowed, nonstop laughter, appreciative eaters, and never-ending compliments for the hostess…well, of course, that’s anyone’s dream evening.

And as a gift for the guests? The husbands went away with a neat trick for next Christmas.

Unbeknownst to my husband and me, who thought everyone knew to install remotes to turn all the Christmas lights on and off at one’s fingertips, our friends were clueless about such gadgetry. My husband was only too thrilled to show them how the remotes worked, and how he’d plugged them into electrical outlets.

One of the husbands exclaimed he’d be off to Home Depot the following day to get himself the gizmo. No more unplugging the Christmas tree lights manually. In fact he was going to try it now, since their tree is still standing in their living room. The same was true for the other couple.

…looks like christmas lingers on…in our neighborhood…how about yours?

………hugmamma.  🙂  

serving up…lemonade

When life serves up lemons…it’s time to make lemonade.

Bitter Lemons

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I’ve had what feels like a wagon load of lemons dumped in my lap recently, with news from John Burke of WordPress advising me that I’m with, not Without signing on the dotted line, without paying dearly for the privilege someone on the WordPress staff honored me with my own independent website. Not sure how or why it happened. I just found out myself.

It’s reminiscent of the time, about a year ago, when I was spammed from leaving comments on other WordPress blogs. WordPress support told me they didn’t know anything about it, that I’d have to check with Akismet. To say I was frustrated was putting it mildly. The final straw was when they suspended my blog saying I was advertising which was against regulations. Wow! That was like a blow to the gut.

I began gathering my belongings, so to speak, to exit WordPress. My dear hubby wrote to WordPress saying my blog would be missed. That seemed to get the right person’s attention because I got an email apologizing for the mistakes. My blog was reinstated.

I found out later that WordPress had been badly hacked. It seemed my blog got caught in the cross-hairs as they were attempting to fix the mess.

So what is it this time? God bless these “happiness engineers” who come up with the latest and the best on WordPress. Just when I’ve settled into a comfortable routine, they up and change things. I know they’re trying to help this 62-year-old grow new brain cells in an effort to ward off Alzheimer’s. Too much stress, however, can counter their best-laid plans.

So I guess I’ll just keep puttering and see what other lemons are in store. Meanwhile…


………hugmamma.  🙂


My husband just informed me that there’s commercial advertising attached to my posts. I wasn’t aware of this fact, so I’ll be looking into the matter with WordPress support staff. I’ve not noticed it when visiting other blogs. I’ve just checked the technical aspects of my blog set-up and didn’t see where I inadvertently okayed such a change.

Is anyone experiencing such unsolicited advertising on your blogs? Would appreciate knowing if you are, and if anything can be done to remove them? Didn’t want my readers to think I was personally trying to sell you something…especially if I don’t like the product myself.


Image via Wikipedia

…strange occurrences…when wordpress starts to tinkering…

………hugmamma.  😉

in need of a chocolate fix?

Hubby and I had a deliciously, quiet Thanksgiving this year. Owing to the fact that I had just visited with our daughter for an extended stay the end of October, our family decided we’d forgo our usual celebration in her neck of the woods and stay put, she there, us here.

Because of Nutcracker rehearsals, our ballerina daughter is unable to travel home until sometime during the Christmas holidays. So with Costco’s assistance she provided the turkey breast and fixings for the pot-luck dinner with other dancer friends who were also unable to be with their families. From the sounds of it all went well, and our daughter continues, unwittingly, towards happyily-ever-after domesticity. Little does she know… 

I opted for the help of Trader Joe’s on Thanksgiving Day. It was they who provided all the neat, little boxes filled with delicacies that only required my assistance in reheating, whether in the oven or the microwave. Doing it up in style, I transferred all the goodies into my lovely Portmeiron serving dishes.Portmeirion Botanic Garden Amazon Exclusive 20-Piece Starter Set, Service for 4(

 If my hubby hadn’t been in on the game plan, he might’ve assumed I’d cooked everything from scratch. I guess I would’ve been outed since I hadn’t slaved away in the kitchen all day, while he relaxed watching football on the tely. If memory serves me correctly, I was probably decorating the house for Christmas. I’m not one for sitting still…unless I’m writing, of course.

One dish I knew I wanted to make with my own two hands, however, was a chocolate pie for my husband. It is one of his favorite desserts, as it was one of my father-in-law’s…a loving and generous man…whose soul now rests in heavenly peace.

Shopping for a box of chocolate pudding, among other things, I happened to glance at the recipe on its side. “Oh my gosh!” I thought, “I’m making this dessert!” Needless to say it was a huge hit with my husband, and me, as I’m sure it will be with you.

candy crunch pudding pie

1-1/2 cups cold milk*
1 pkg. (5.9 oz) JELL-O Chocolate Fudge Flavor Instant Pudding
1 tub (8 oz) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping
2 milk chocolate English toffee candy bars (1.4 oz each), chopped**
1 OREO Pie Crust (6 oz)
Chocolate syrup***

BEAT milk and pudding mix with whisk 2 minutes. Stir in 1/2 COOL Whip and all but 3 Tbsp. candy. SPOON into crust. TOP with remaining COOL WHIP and candy. Drizzle with chocolate syrup.

*I’m lactose intolerant so I used almond milk. It worked just fine.
**SKOR bars are a god option.
***Easier to use than melting BAKER’S Semi-Sweet Chocolate, as recipe said.

…from my sweet tooth…to yours…buon appetito!!!(photo by Cat Cindy Lady @

………hugmamma.  😉


My thoughts began stirring even as my sleepy head lay resting contentedly on my memory foam pillow. At this hour of the morning, still too early for me to peel the flannel back from my unfocused peepers, I usually murmur to my brain “Go back to sleep…it’s not yet time…a few more winks…it’s so cold…and I’m sooooo comfy-cozy…all snuggled up in my warm blankets. Then one single, solitary word began repeating itself over and over again. Others slowly followed, until a poem of sorts began to emerge. Unable to stop myself, I leapt into action to put fingers to keyboard. 


…in yourself
…in your worth…to others…and to you
…in your goodness…and in your desire to do good
…in your possibilities…and that all things are possible
…in your ability…especially in overcoming negativity
…in your strengths…don’t dwell on your weaknesses (we all have a few)
…in those who love you
…in tomorrow, the dawn of a new day
…in your gut instinct…it knows you best
…in compassion…for others…as well as yourself
…that you are your own best friend…always root for youself
…that you deserve to be alive…and that you DO make a difference
…that you can do whatever it is you want…and that you will succeed
…that it is you who sets your own agenda…not others

…and always believe…that happiness is there for the taking…in all the small moments…every day of your life…


(I believe it’s time I grab another 40 winks!)

weekly photo challenge: windows

In and of themselves, windows can be works of art. And sometimes what’s on the other side, offers a glimpse into peoples’ lives. The unexpected is more appealing…than the predictable. Don’t you agree?…

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………hugmamma.  😉

do as i say…not as i do

The news is rife with grownups who, when their backs are up against the wall, lie without batting an eyelash to save their sad behinds. Of course they’re all innocent until proven guilty by the slower-than-molasses justice system. But in the court of public opinion? Their guilt is a no-brainer.

Monica Lewinsky, from her government ID photo ...

Image via Wikipedia

Herman Cain looks to be pulling a trick Bill Clinton introduced us to when he claimed not to be having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. The trick? Semantics! It’s all in the words, you see.

According to both men, sex, when under fire and free-falling into the black hole of public denigration and irreversible damage to their reputations, is narrowly defined as intercourse. Oral sex for Clinton, and fondling a woman’s genitals by Cain are just foreplay, I guess…but definitely not sex. So while they settled upon Webster’s definition “4. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE,” they chose to ignore the previous definition which states “3. the instinct or attraction drawing one individual sexually toward another, or the activities that it motivates.” Clinton recouped his standing on the world stage by finally fessing up. Doesn’t look like Mr. Cain is humble enough to “eat crow.”

Where to begin with the massive web of deceit within which Penn State now finds itself embroiled? At the time current wide-receivers coach Mike McQueary witnessed former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky sodomizing a 10-year-old boy in the locker room shower. McQueary didn’t intervene, but instead conferred with his father who advised that coach Joe Paterno be told. In turn, Paterno reported it to Athletic Director Tim Curley. Into the mix of accomplices who withheld knowledge of the criminal act of pedophilia and sexual assault of a minor are Gary Schultz, V.P. of Finance at Penn State, as well as its president, Graham Spanier. These adults did not report what McQueary had seen to the police.

Jerry Sandusky, right, the former Penn State d...Then and now, Penn State worried about its reputation and its football program. The sodomized youngster and those who followed in his wake as victims of Sandusky’s sexual appetite, were simply relegated to society’s land-fill of abused children. The message relayed to the youngsters entrusted to their care by Penn State staff? Adult sexual predators and those who turn a blind eye to their activities can escape punishment…in the interests of the university’s greater good.

link =

Image via Wikipedia

Dr. Conrad Murray, a good man caught up in the make-believe world of iconic Michael Jackson, made the ultimate misstep. Administering the strong anesthetic Propophol outside the safe environ of a hospital, AND leaving his only client unattended while the drug was being dispensed caused the circumstances leading to Jackson’s death. Murray’s explanation for the demise? A yarn spun like that of a novice spider whose web is full of holes.

Wonderful Smile - Michael Jackson

Image by Raquel Cristina (busy because of beginning of clas via Flickr

According to Murray, Jackson awoke while the doctor had stepped away for 2 minutes to use the bathroom. Somehow in his drugged state, the patient was able to give himself the lethal dose of Propophol. One of Murray’s girlfriends testified to being with him on a cell phone call when he discovered Jackson in distress. And instead of calling 911 immediately which might have saved the singer’s life, Murray called for house security and Prince, MJ’s son. A tragedy made even more tragic when Murray took to covering his missteps, instead of reviving his patient.

Just as the “fight or flight” mechanism is triggered when we are confronted by danger, so too it seems is our immediate attempt to lie our way out of sticky situations. One of the first Golden Rules we teach our children is that they should always tell the truth. Remember the story about George Washington cutting down his father’s cherry tree?

George Washington“George,” said his father, “do you know who has killed my beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden? I would not have taken five guineas for it!”

This was a hard question to answer, and for a moment George was staggered by it, but quickly recovering himself he cried:

“I cannot tell a lie, father, you know I cannot tell a lie! I did cut it with my little hatchet.”

The anger died out of his father’s face, and taking the boy tenderly in his arms, he said:

“My son, that you should not be afraid to tell the truth is more to me than a thousand trees! Yes – though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!”

So when is it acceptable to withhold the truth? Let me answer with my own personal experience.

I was sexually solicited by relatives on 3 separate occasions. They ranged from mildly funny, to downright scary, to pitifully sad and upsetting. I never spoke of these incidents to family members. As the youngest, who would have believed me? Those to whom I might’ve divulged my tales would’ve been angrier than heck, and of course, those who victimized me would’ve denied my accusations as wild imaginings. So what would the truth have gained me? More grief on top of what I was already experiencing. No thanks!

Unfortunately, lies have a way of derailing one’s happiness. Living with the weight of others inflictions upon one’s person, physically and spiritually, can altogether undermine one’s self-esteem. What is one worth if others can exert their will without repercussions. No wonder so many suffer depression, some even resorting to suicide. The rest struggle within themselves, and continue to put up a good fight…like me.

Children are clean slates…upon which adults write the first words. So should we write “Do as I say…not as I do?” Or should we write “Do as I say…and as I do…for I will always try to speak…and live…the truth.”


back in time…but in the present

Does anyone remember dancing to the music of the Average White Band…say in the 60s and 70s? As I explained to my husband enroute to our favorite jazz venue where the band was performing this evening, they seemed peripheral to the music scene. They didn’t draw the crowds like other groups, but their songs had a distinct beat that made me jump up and dance. Still does.

As with other groups from my generation, AWB has undergone a transformation over the years, with musicians coming and going. However 3 who performed tonight were originals, two guitarists and one saxophonist. They were white; the remaining two men were black. Together they melded beautifully into the Average White Band of old.

Why is it that the years seem to fall away when listening to music from the past, allowing us to recapture our youth, if only for a little while? The lead singer/guitarist, one of the founding Scots from Dundee, probably in his mid to late 60s, could still hold the audience as his voice undulated to the rhythm of “A love of your own.” And as I swayed in time to the beat, I felt like a captivating 20-year-old once again. The outer me not at all in sync with my sensual, inner self of long, long ago. More like the young, blonde groupie who giggled giddily after a word with the Scotsman on a brief break. He too eyed the beauty with the smile of a more vigorous alter ego. But perhaps a musician’s lifestyle and daily imbibing of spirits (a fact he offered) are the secret to his vitality. Whatever the case, tonight was for the young at heart…

The Average White Band performs in Rochester, NY.

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…no matter the age………hugmamma.  😉