talent…has no age restrictions

Detail from Three Amblers and a Dancing Clown ...

Detail from Three Amblers and a Dancing Clown by Aelita Andre (Photo credit: Defining The Capture)

I like to think that one’s natural abilities and passion for something aren’t prejudiced by age, or anything else for that matter. 

Though a latecomer to writing, my senior status is just a point in time. The culmination of my experiences to date probably gave me the resources I needed to begin telling stories. That and a certain carefree attitude that is like a breath of fresh air, after years of having lived within the confines of other people’s opinions. 

Children, if allowed, can comfortably live outside the boundaries imposed by society.  Mind you, I’m not condoning wild, uncivilized behavior. But creativity and imagination thrive where abandonment abounds.

My friend nuvofelt at http://chittlechattle.com introduced me to a tiny powerhouse of talent, Aelita Andre. An extraordinary artist, the child has an obvious eye for colors, textures and how they interrelate. She throws everything at the canvas…with measured thought, knowing when to stop.

As someone who loves to decorate, using my home as my “canvas” and furnishings as my “paint,” holding back is prime to getting it just right. Too little is not quite there; too much is over the top. Either extreme leaves a less than satisfied feeling. An artist knows it in her gut, as does an astute audience.

As I watched Aelita on Youtube, I was mesmerized by both her abandonment…and her reserve. She’s got my stamp of approval…

…as if she needed it………hugmamma.    


not for the feeble-minded…


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2012 must be my year for discovering new blogs. Why this next recommendation fancies my writing is somewhat incomprehensible. But he does, for Gaurav Tiwari subscribes to my blog.

While I’m certain Gaurav can easily fathom my posts, I am clueless about his. They look beautiful, as evidenced in what’s displayed on his post at http://gauravtiwari.org/2011/09/24/how-to-draw-the-famous-batman-equation/#comment-2033. But “what’s it all about…alfie?” Remember that tune from the film Alfie…most recently featuring Jude Law as none other than…?

Cover of

Cover of Alfie (Special Collector's Edition)

Gaurav deserves some kind of medal of excellence for his brainiac work. I hope he’ll settle for my naming him one of the recipients of the Candle Lighter Award

…and recommending that you…go take a gander…at his handiwork…

………hugmamma. 😉

the man from apple…”to infinity…and beyond!”

Thomas edison glühbirne

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I’m always in awe of those whose genius sets them apart from the rest of mankind…da Vinci, Edison, Shakespeare, and yes, Michael Jackson. Not just individuals, but empires like the Romans for their contributions, many of which improved our daily lives. My admiration also extends to persons who walk among us…doctors, airline pilots, chefs, scientists, astronauts.

In all actuality, I respect people who persevere…regardless of their career choices…my husband and my daughter among them. Or those who have a passion and pursue it…with a passion. My friend Becky has taken French lessons for many years…just because. She has made good use of it in her frequent travels to France. And at a luncheon with her class friends, they cooked and conversed…in French.

A cropped version of :Image:SteveJobsMacbookAi...

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I have a passion for many things, but not the patience to persevere long-term in most of them. Blogging…and being a wife and mother…have been the exceptions. I know for sure I’m not unique in this regard…”jack-of-all trades and master of none,” I mean. So my regard for Steve Jobs is two-fold. Until the end of his life, he pursued his passion with a vengeance. But the object of his pursuit is what left me in awe.

Technology leaves me…clueless. WordPress is the extent of my expertise, such as it is. How Jobs could fathom gobbledygook and harness it for global use, is way outside my realm of comprehension. The language alone is like Greek to me. URLs…permalinks…shortlinks…HTML…trackbacks…pingbacks. In a roomful of nerds, I would be the dummy struggling to regurgitate all the techno-speak swirling around me, and over my head. In a million years I would never have sat in on a brainstorming session with Jobs and his cronies. 

On the other hand, “Toy Story,” Jobs’ first Pixar creation is totally within my orb of intellectual understanding. And in tribute to the icon, hubby and I are sipping decaf coffee and munching on Buckingham Palace biscuits, a souvenir gift from friends…while settling in to watch the antics of…

Toy Story

…woody…buzz lightyear…and andy’s toys…my favorite legacy of…the man from apple…


boogying with Michael Jackson

If you’ve read my blog since day one, it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Michael Jackson’s talent as a performer. Singing and dancing have always been in my blood, so I recognize the genius that he was. While the internet is rife with MJ’s videos, it’s not always easy finding my way through the miles and miles of inventory to uncover those that keep me riveted. This page is my own catalog which serves as a reminder of the once-in-a-lifetime entertainer that was Michael Jackson. And it lets me “get down with my bad self,” as my daughter has said of me, once or twice.

Am posting this, as well as making it a permanent page beneath the photo header at the top of my blog. “Pages” aren’t always readily noticed; posts are. There are additional youtube videos on the page, “boogying with mj,” that aren’t on this post. Coming soon will also be another page of short films created by MJ. Hopefully there are some Michael Jackson fans among my readers. If not, bear with me. I’m just “getting down with my bad self.” Even seniors have their moments.

i’ve got music, i’ve got rhythmn…who could ask for anything more…hugmamma.