journeying towards her best life…#1

A dear friend and relative, recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis, two rare, life-threatening diseases, has agreed to let me share her story as it unfolds. Allowing me to lend a literal hand provides me an opportunity to offer concrete support on a journey to live her best life under extraordinary circumstances.

Penning one’s thoughts can be extremely therapeutic. Rather than having them, especially the negative ones of which there’s always an abundance, make off with your life, it’s best to be rid of them once and for all. Only then are you able to live, truly live.

Blogging these last several years has done just that for me.

I am no longer constricted by what I think others think or want of me. I am comfortable within my own skin. I have managed to turn what might have been perceived as flaws into gifts. Among them, being overly-sensitive. From this grew my compassion for others struggling to accept themselves as they are.

Separating myself from negative thoughts was the first step in ridding my life of negativity in all its forms. While I could discern the obvious offenders, those which took the form of passive-aggressive continued to niggle away at the peace I sought.

No one’s life is perfect. And yet who wants perfection? On the contrary, being with fault pushes us to always strive for better. 

I hope I can help foster that passion in someone of whom I have always been fond. She is the younger sister I never had. Together we will…

…live her best life.IMG_4534