getting down…with jazz

There’s jazz…and then there’s jazz. Not sure which kind I like, probably a combination of all that’s out there in that particular genre. I think I’d prefer to be sitting in the audience listening to hard core jazz, rather than over the radio waves. Not the same, I don’t think. I need to be immersed in some things to get the full flavor. I like to watch the artists breathe life into their music…”getting down with their bad selves,” as my daughter likes to say. I’m pretty sure I’m referring to the kind of bluesy jazz that is original to New Orleans. I’d definitely fly there to sit in an audience and let the spirits move me…not the haunted ones, of course, although I’m sure they’ve got those too. 

As I sit here typing, music from a jazz radio station is wafting through the house. Wish I could watch the pianist who’s passionately hammering away at the keys in what seems like sheer bliss. That having ended, now there’s a honky tonk tune that’s got me moving my head to its beat…now my my torso. Before you know it, I’ll be up…”getting down with my bad self.”

Will I ever get out to do more weeding and planting? Who knows. For now, I’m just swaying with the rythmn, grooving and moving to some soulful singing, feeling like I left the cool climes for the bayou and its jazz-drenched humidity.

…can i help you get into the groove?…take a listen…

…are you “down with your bad self” yet?…hugmamma.  😉