loved…by sitka…and juneau

Have you ever been loved, really loved by a cat? Well, it’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. And I’ve had numerous cats throughout the course of my life. But Sitka and Juneau, siblings, mixed-Maine Coones, adopted from the animal shelter after 9-11, are ardent lovers, wanting to shower me with affection 24/7.

One or the other of my male kitties is always attempting to jump into my lap, even when I’m standing. They try climbing my leg, hoping I’ll sit down. I’ve had to resort to walking with a cat attached to my appendage until he finally gets the message, and lets go. The only respite I get is when I sit to eat. But when the last forkful has been swallowed, and my utensil is laid to rest on my plate, up jumps a cat. Lately, I’ve insisted they give me a moment to digest my food. They’ve been very accommodating of my request…albeit grudgingly.

Don’t get me wrong! Sitka and Juneau do mind their p’s and q’s, after some persistence on my part. And the only time I sit for any length is when I’m blogging. They’ve learned that my writing space is my inner sanctum. They’ll come and paw my elbow, so that I’ll pet them. Sometimes I’ll push my chair back from the keyboard and hoist a cat onto my lap for some quality time. Juneau will snuggle deep into my chest, trying to become one with mom. Sitka takes the opportunity to climb to the highest possible vantage point, my shoulder or my head which, of course, I don’t allow. I need to breathe, you see. He doesn’t seem to understand that very well. He can breathe; why can’t I?

When we went out of town, the cats use to board at the vet’s. But the expense became prohibitive, so we’ve engaged a wonderful sitter. The vet and his assistants loved having our kitties stay over. Sitka especially won them all over with his lovey-dovey ways. He loves wrapping his arms about one’s neck, and butting his head into your face if you offer him kisses. He loves putting his mouth to one’s ears, and purring sweet nothings. And he loves nibbling at one’s hair, ever so gently.

Sitka’s the lover, a Romeo…while Juneau… just wants desperately to be loved. And I…

…love them both………dearly………hugmamma.