youtube…not again…

WordPress Theme - iPhone «‹ tips4WordPressI should’ve known better than to preview themes with the thought of changing my blog’s appearance. The last time I did that my youtube insertion mechanism broke down…literally. WordPress had to fix the link icon. What that involved, I’ve no clue. I’ve asked for their help again, to no avail. I think they’re tired of the same old, same old. Not that I blame them. Thought I’d ask you to see if I’m missing something in the translation.

First, my “new post” page has only 3 icons following the “upload/insert”…”add media”…”add poll”…”add custom form.” Gone is the “add video” icon.

WordPress Administration

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Clicking on “add media,” I get a screen where I click on “from URL,” then a screen where I click on “add audio, video, or other file.” On the next screen I paste my youtube URL. Nothing happens. There’s no “insert into post” button to click, so I exit the screen. Unsuccessful there, I try the other method, embedding by shortcode.

Timethief, a WordPress member proficient in its applications walked me through the instructions. They seemed simple enough; but weren’t. Both my husband and I bookended the youtube URL, that is we placed the youtube URL within brackets…[]. Following the first bracket, we typed “youtube=” then added the URL, followed by the second bracket. (I can’t even type what I did because it doesn’t appear in the post when I preview it. Very strange.)

While the URL turned red as is expected, the bookend info we typed remained black. So I wasn’t surprised when I previewed the post, the entire line didn’t appear. Only when I removed the “bookends” did the URL appear, but no video.


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As I mentioned at the beginning, previewing themes might have undone my youtube link mechanism. The only way I regained the capability was for WordPress Support to fix the broken link icon. I’m hoping they’ll do it again. But as of yet…they’ve not answered my call for help. If and when they do, I promise never to preview themes again. I’ll either change…or stay put.

…i’ve bigger fish to fry…though i’m not a fish eater…

………hugmamma.  😉

resolving a glitch

Am writing this post as a means to discovering why my last 2 postings were not communicated in their entirety to email subscribers. I’ve seen for myself that only the titles have transferred, while the entire bodies of the published posts were missing. Have sought resolution through WordPress Forum. While I await an answer, I thought I’d try addressing the problem myself…through trial and error. Bear with me as I try this, that, and the other…

…these things happen…i guess…

………hugmamma. 😉 (Wish I knew how to make a “frowny face.”)