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With MSNBC blaring in the background, I’m trying to multi-task. In the process of making egg salad for a lunch sandwich, snapping some photos for WordPress weekly challenge, vacuuming up dust and hairballs left by my kitties, and taking a moment here and there to write a post. So much to do; so little time. Am trying to beat the clock since Sylvia and Jim are picking me up for her birthday celebration at the local Elk’s Club. I’m sure we’ll have a rocking, good time!

My ears perked up at something I heard on the news. Prosecuting attorney Ashton, in the Casey Anthony trial, suggested that those opposed to the verdict should channel their negativity into doing something positive for children. Doing so, he explained, would honor Caylee’s memory; to do otherwise, would dishonor her.

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Earlier when I first switched on the TV, the talk show The View was nearing the end of its allotted time. Barbara Walters spoke the final words. She basically said that Casey Anthony is alive. I surmised Walters to mean that we, the public, should let the acquitted Ms. Anthony…live…her life.

Our justice system works, albeit not always the way we want it to work. Judgment is placed in the hands of people just like us. They don’t have sway over public opinion as do politicians, movie stars, religious leaders, internet gurus, Grammy or Tony winners, humanitarian icons. Jurors are presented with facts, and they interpret them with what they bring to the table in the way of life experiences. I know I wouldn’t make the perfect juror because I have my own prejudices about people, places and things. We all do. So as imperfect human beings…we do the best we can.

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Casey Anthony will face her own reality. In our capitalistic society, she may garner wealth and fame as a result of her time in the spotlight. But she can’t escape getting older. And with age comes memories…good and bad. Hopefully she will make good ones to help sustain her when the bad ones come roaring back to haunt her every moment, whether awake or asleep. Casey Anthony has been given a reprieve, a second chance. What she makes of it…is in her own hands…as it should be.


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…and our lives are ours…to make good memories as well…hugmamma. 

dressing to “wow”

Ynez Sines is an overnight celebrity. Others have traveled similar paths to sensational success, like Kim Kardashian, a darling of reality TV. Her body hugging fashions with plunging necklines accentuate her natural assets, which include a gorgeous face. These days, such apparel seems the style of choice for reality TV divas. Picture the women of the “Housewives of…” shows, “Jerseylicious,” “Bethenny Gettin’ Married?,” “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the “Batchelor,” and  “Batchelorette.” So why the uproar over Sines?

Women dressing to attract men probably began with our prehistoric ancestors. Like their contemporary counterparts, cave women needed an edge over the competition. Capturing the strongest cave man was essential to keeping  food on the table. But we’ve come a long way in dressing for survival, to dressing for the WOW factor. Where a woman might have narrowed her audience to a handful of men, she now wants to impress every man who sees her. And that can range from a roomful to a worldful, of men. Grabbing the attention of the competition is an added bonus. Maybe the media’s coverage of “red carpet” events has contributed to our narcissism.

We have increasingly turned our focus toward better health, including a better body image. Efforts to eliminate anorexia and bulimia are ongoing, as is obesity. On one hand we are attempting to regain control over our bodies so we can live our best lives; on the other hand, we continue to worship celebrities and models for their rocking, good looks and hip, hot fashions. It seems like an oxymoron to be striving for self-acceptance, while remaining shackled to our desire to look like someone on a magazine cover or a TV show. It’s as convoluted as trying to save in this economy, while trying to spend our way out of a recession. It’s a struggle, but it can be done. I guess.

Sines is neither a reality TV diva, nor a red carpet regular; she works in an all male environment which, for the most part, revels in grunge and sweat. So why the need for body hugging styles and plunging necklines as a 9-year-veteran, professional sportscaster? Her response? That’s how she’s always dressed, and she’s not making any changes to her wardrobe. So why twitter that she was “embarrassed and uncomfortable?” It’s like “wanting her cake and eating it too.” So what’s wrong with that? Don’t we buy a cake to eat it?

I’m guilty of having worn hot pants in the day, even in Guadalajara in the early 70’s when I was a summer program student at a local college. I dressed provocatively to captivate my husband when we were dating. Obviously my tactics worked, 40 years later we’re still celebrating marriage. But I’m almost certain I wouldn’t have dressed to provoke unwanted cat calls from football players, of any ethnicity. I think it would be similar to walking past construction workers in tight jeans and blouse. 

I’m not averse to athletes, having dated the captain of the football and basketball teams in high school. It just seems that their attention would naturally be drawn to the human body, since playing sports involves their bodies. Being in a locker room is probably like being in a frat house, with behavior bordering on bawdy. I wouldn’t want to witness what goes on, but that’s my choice. According to journalist Cokie Roberts on GMA this morning, Sines presence in locker rooms is part of her job as a sports reporter.

The stand-off between Sines and athletes in locker rooms is being addressed by the NFL, and in the court of public opinion. I don’t think we’re looking for a winner; I think we’re looking for both sides to be accommodating, going forward. The best scenario would be if Sines modified her professional dress, and the players were more respectful in the presence of female reporters. Whether that happens or not, is for both sides to decide. Of course the resolution will impact the female-male professional relationship, beyond the locker room. Miniscule, small, medium or large, change is already underway. Eyebrows have been raised, so there’s no going back.

accommodating change, for the better…hugmamma.