an act of kindness…warms our family’s heart

My hormones were raging today, the downside of hormone replacement therapy treatment…Wiley Protocol in my case.

How do I know? My tear ducts were working overtime today. 

I think it began with An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. No matter how often I see this tear jerker, I always weep in all the same places. 

When Grant returns to his grandmother’s home after she’s died, remembering when he was last there, Kerr at his side. In the background, the haunting melody is playing which starts my tears. And then, of course, when Grant learns Kerr had been in a car accident and was, therefore, unable to meet him at the top of the Empire State Building. That’s when the flood gates burst, and I was a blithering idiot.

After gathering my wits about me, I went about my day.

In the evening I paused intermittently to listen to a couple of the singers on The Voice. When each of the 5 remaining contestants returned to their home towns to thunderous applause, again I choked up. How proud to be recognized by one’s own community, and to represent it on the national stage. How proud, indeed!

Then my daughter phoned. She has a way of making me sentimental mush. No, I didn’t cry…not then.

After filling me in on all she’s been up to since we last talked, she told me a story which had me choking back my tears once again.

An elderly gentleman stopped at a Discount Tire store to have a tire repaired. Upon looking it over, the young salesman informed the customer that, in fact, all of the tires on the old truck needed replacing. The man explained he only had enough money to make repairs, that he was doing it for his daughter. He paid the bill, indicating that she would return the next day to pick up her truck.

When the 17-year-old returned with her boyfriend, the salesman told her what he’d said to her father the day before. Again she reiterated that she had no money to buy new tires. She went on to say she had been accepted into veterinary school which took all the money her family had to spare.

The Discount Tire rep happened to be the Senior Assistant to the store manager. Making an executive decision, he authorized his technicians to replace all the tires with new ones. Noticing what they were doing through one of the store windows, the young woman was understandably upset and asked what they were doing. The young man, a 25-year-old, assured her that his concern was for her safety. He was probably also thinking about the safety of others she might encounter on the road, driving alongside her. She cried as he wished her a happy holiday season, inviting her father to make whatever payments he could…whenever he could…if he was so inclined. 

A Good Samaritan story for which I was not prepared. I cried when my daughter told it, and again when I retold it to my husband. It brought tears to his eyes as well.

The personal blessing for our family? The Good Samaritan is…

…our daughter’s boyfriend.



12 ordinary women…

Not so ordinary…as it turns out. Twelve women, hence the name, 12 Ordinary Women ( who came together to support a common cause…a handup for those in need. Whatever the need.

I’d never heard of the group until my daughter told me about the gift basket given her anonymously. The messengers who sought her out while she was in dance rehearsals at the studio, couldn’t tell her from whom or why she was selected as the recipient. A curious friend googled the website of the group and that’s how my daughter learned about her benefactors.

Along with gift cards to a couple of restaurants and other goodies, was a card addressed to my daughter. Not only were the ladies generous with their tangible tokens of affection, but their words of kindness were touching. They let my daughter know that she was loved and admired, that she should be proud of her accomplishments. I can’t recollect all they wrote, but I was moved that strangers would take the time to acknowledge my daughter with love and respect. What parent doesn’t want others to see how special one’s own child is?

We’ve no idea why my daughter was selected for such generosity. She and I spoke at length, seeking to find the basis for it. Whatever the reason, it warms my heart to know that in this world there are people who take the time to tell others…”you’re worth it.”

God bless…the extraordinary…TWELVE ORDINARY WOMEN…


good samaritan…#13

The Good Samaritan

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It’s been awhile since I’ve added to this list of people deserving of recognition for unselfish acts of generosity or kindness, or both. Tonight as we were dining out on casual fare at a local favorite, COHO, in recognition of our daughter’s last night with her old folks before flying on to a wedding in Colorado, and then home to prepare for her ballet company‘s next season, my husband related a very touching story about a coworker. And because we’ve been married 41 years, I knew the punch line before he said it. In fact I held my hand up to his mouth, telling him not to say anymore because I was already choking back tears. You see, my heart strings are tied to my tear ducts. So it’s an automatic reflex. My heart aches…my eyes tear.

Newborn Feet

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My husband’s co-worker and her husband have one young child whom they adopted as a newborn, from someone serving in the military. A loving couple who dote on their youngster, they were getting ready to adopt a second baby. Upon flying east to meet with the young parents, it was learned that they were giving up their newborn for the money. Having lost their jobs, and with another child to care for, letting someone adopt their second child was their only financial option. Not one they wanted to take advantage of, but felt they had no choice. And the punch line is…do you know it already?

Detail from the

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My husband’s co-worker and her husband gave the baby’s parents the money…without taking the child in exchange. We’re probably talking thousands of dollars…given from parents who know full well what their first adopted child means to them…the whole world. The icing on the cake is that they will be the baby’s Godparents, and he will bear the names of a member of each side of their families. So as my wise 25-year-old daughter said…while one baby was the intended adoptee…

an entire family…was adopted…enough to bring tears…to anyone’s eyes………hugmamma.