kitty “small stuff”

For cat lovers like me, I’m sharing tips passed along by my daughter whose Maine-Coone pure bred, “Kitty MJM” (Kitty Michael Jackson Misha) is a beauty with huge green eyes. I definitely plan to use them for my brood, Sitka, Juneau and Sunkist.

  • Litter Box – to control the odor: to a clean litter box add a layer of baking soda, then layer the litter, then sprinkle more baking soda. When Kitty MJM paws the litter, he inadvertently mixes in the baking soda. Intermittently, sprinkle more baking soda. Using a spray product, “O” (sold in Bed, Bath and Beyond or perhaps even on the internet), apply over the litter from time to time as well. It neutralizes odors.
  • Home-made toy – A length of wide gross-grain ribbon in a bright color is a simple, yet entertaining toy that is better than string which Kitty MJM would chew and begin to swallow. He doesn’t do it with the ribbon, and he loves to carry it around in his mouth. His “mom” also ties it loosely to his tail which has him chasing himself in a circle, until the ribbon falls off. Fun, safe, simple and cheap…great in this economy!

hugs for kitties…hugmamma.