an impossible challenge? not for a “superior chinese mom”

I usually acknowledge my appreciation to faithful readers, and readers new to my blog, when I pass the next thousand mark in viewings. The most recent happened so quickly, I was caught off guard. Between attempts to fix my body from the onslaught of old age, and wanting to quickly unload my mind of a landfill of words, I didn’t pause to say “thank you.” So here’s a shout out for the 8,307 views of my blog to date. You’re keeping this henna-rinsed, 39-year-old wannabee, self-employed, though not gainfully, since no money’s involved. But in this economy, I’m not paid like a lot of other people. So I’m keeping good company, and I’m not complaining. I love what I’m doing, writing!

Meanwhile, I’m challenging myself. I’m working feverishly to accomplish a goal which I’ve set, to publish 365 posts long before my one-year anniversary! The thought of achieving this within the next month gives me an adrenalin rush, not to mention an anxiety attack. I would have liked to have achieved my goal within 6 months, but the holidays, my daughter’s recovery, and my debilitating bout of senior moments sidetracked my writing efforts. You’re probably saying all my excuses are blah, blah, blah. You may be right. Nonetheless, here I am.

With 268 posts, this being the 269th, under my belt, I’ve got a little less than 100 to write. I’m heading to see my daughter’s performance in a couple of weeks, so my fingers are going to be glued to this keyboard until then. I’m hoping my laptop goes with me on my trip, but going through security at the airport is such a hassle, I’ll decide what to do about it later. If I don’t take it, I can’t access my library of photos. And you know how I love to decorate! Even my posts are not exempt. I never waste an opportunity to hone my skills at interior design.

So “gracias,” “mahalo,” “merci beaucoup” and huge “thanks” for making my blog world so much fun! Having you along doubles, no triples, the pleasure of writing. So I’m counting on you to stay tuned as I try to outdo myself in writing a year’s worth of posts, 365, in approximately 210 days…or less!?! My husband calculates that I’ll have to have published 13 posts a week to meet my goal. Think I can do it? Any bets?

watch and see…keep your eye on me…hugmamma.

meanwhile, our house is going to the cats and dogs, in other words, it’s looking like s–t! thank god i have a great hubby!