“pat-a-cake” kitties, or cool “dudes?”

Good friend Katy sent me this definite stress-reliever. Animals are always good for a hearty laugh, or at least non-stop grinning. In this case, you’ll have to click on the URL below, which I assure you is virus-free. Have had my share of virus attacks to last the remainder of my life. Thank you very much.

The 2 cats in the video are “frenemies.” They definitely get along, although they never, ever smile at one another. It almost looks like a stare-down, which might become a melt-down. Have I piqued your interest? You won’t be disappointed. Trust me. The senior citizen whose posts end up in people’s spam files. But I’m getting it sorted out…one buddy blog at a time. Beyond that, who knows.

Click on http://www.wimp.com/pattycake/ for some “cool” fun, dudes. Their word, not mine.

how did they get these felines to agree to do the picture?…i wonder…hugmamma.

“for adults only!!!…if it’s your cup of tea”

My spirits needed a boost after the “rain” that’s showered down upon me of late, the last downpour being the viral attack. The other stuff was normal family occurrences, like my daughter having a bad case of the flu which required a visit to the ER, and hubby having had to go overseas for business. Every family has ordeals. It’s when they pile up one after another, that frustration seeps in.

Blogging usually helps release pent up angst, but when my computer is out of commission…duh??? Taking deep breaths helps, as well as reconnecting to small things that give pleasure in and of themselves. Several magazines await my perusal. Cupboards need reorganizing. Out running errands, the serenity and peace of Mother Nature washes over me as I gaze out across rolling hills dotted with sleek, black cattle, grazing. But I must admit, nothing totally replaces sitting at my laptop, words streaming forth from my fingertips. My senses are always on overload, so downloading them brings me the greatest relief, and sense of satisfaction.

My dear friend Sylvia, always hovering “close by,” emailed me a video that was shared with her by her British network of family and friends. I think the English, and Europeans,  have a healthy sense of self, and a wicked sense of humor. They “put it out there,” watching to see our reaction, their eyes seeming to chuckle at our befuddlement. Where some of us might need reassurance that laughter is appropriate, my English friends don’t hold back. They might not guffaw, but they smile broadly, enjoying the moment without reservation. 

Sylvia assured me I’d laugh at this video. I must admit that I had reservations about sharing it, but I guarantee you won’t see anything you shouldn’t see. What you do see is the Brit’s unencumbered sense of fun, and their healthy sense of self, also totally unencumbered. My friend and I hope you enjoy, and that it gives you a boost, if that’s what you need. I couldn’t reprint it here, so if you’re really curious you’ll want to click on the following. It was done in 1982, so it’s pretty mild by today’s standards. And Sylvia is a grandmother who’s not into wild and crazy… mildly crazy maybe.


i don’t think we americans could do it quite like the brits…with great aplomb…hugmamma.