calling comcast…are you there?

Early readers of hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul are familiar with several posts I’d written detailing my experiences, good and not-so-good, with cable giant Comcast. Knock-on-wood, for the most part I’ve enjoyed uninterrupted internet service since then.

Customer Service

My good fortune is owed in great part to the tracking of hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul by Comcast national customer service rep, Mark. It’s been some time since we’ve “spoken,” so his last name escapes me. At the time I knew it backwards and forwards, that’s how much I had come to rely upon him.

Before I go the normal route of responding to computerized questions to resolve my situation, I thought I’d try calling Mark via the blogosphere. “Yo, Mark! Hugmamma calling…hello…are you out there?” 

 Just found his contact information from my earlier post, below…

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

As a combination wedding anniversary/early birthday gift my husband bought me an android, a cell phone like an iPhone…but not. Talk about a boost to my brain cells. I must’ve grown several million these last few days while figuring out all the bells and whistles.

I got a great deal on my Motorola. Since it’s being replaced by a newer version with a larger battery pack, the price was reduced. With no room in my small purse for a thicker phone, the choice was a no-brainer for me. Additional savings of 30% was included when I bought other necessities…more gigabyte, a charger, a backup battery, cover, screen protectors.

Verizon, my cell phone provider, offered another amenity for which I wasn’t prepared, but which made sense for us…land line service. Though generally satisfied with Comcast triple-package, phone/cable/internet, a definite downer occurs when we have a power outage. No electricity means no calls coming in or going out.

During our last outage due to high winds and heavy ice accumulation, I was on my own without access to my husband who overnighted in Seattle. And making my way to friends, and even neighbors, would’ve been hazardous because of falling branches and limbs.

Verizon land service began yesterday. To continue with Comcast, we now need to find out if they’ll offer us a good price for a double package. If not…the search begins…

…any suggestions?


“comcast comes through!”…again

Great news! Mark Casem of Comcast Corp’s National Customer Operations has returned to save the day! I shouldn’t have doubted him, but this hectic, fragmented world being what it is, one never knows if connections will be maintained, or lost. Beyond that, I’ve always been a “doubting Thomas.” For those unfamiliar with the metaphor, Thomas was a disciple of Christ‘s who wouldn’t believe that He had risen from the dead Easter morning, until he, Thomas, could place his finger in the wounds inflicted when Christ was nailed to the cross, and where the guard had pierced a sword into His side ensuring that He was indeed dead. That’s me to a tee, a “doubting Thomas.”

My friend Sylvia has finally been in touch with Mark, and I’m hoping when I see her later today, her phone issues will have been resolved. As for my daughter’s phone problem, seems it’s gone away on its own. I pray that too will remain in the past…way, way in the past.

Should you encounter issues with Comcast, you should contact Mark Casem saying “hugmamma sent you.” He can be reached at, (Note that between “We” and “can” is an underline, as well as between “can” and “help.” They’re not visible because of the underline beneath the entire email address.) Mark can also be reached on Facebook or Twitter at Comcast cares or ComcastMark. He will need your account information and a link to my page. I’m not certain how you link to my blog, that’s why I recommended telling him I sent you.

we “davids” need to face “goliath” together…hugmamma.

no news is not good news, comcast

Looks like Comcast is falling down on the job again. My friend Sylvia emailed Mark Casem at their national call center to no avail. Maybe its phone lines and internet service are also experiencing problems. Who does it call for repair help? We should get that number. And now my daughter’s been experiencing phone problems as well. I really am beginning to think Comcast has become a corporate giant whose tentacles are becoming so unwieldy it can’t keep up with its services. Seems the only way to get its attention these days is blogging.

So I’ll keep talking about Comcast until I’m “blue in the face,” and you stuff your ears with cotton. I know it can’t be neglect on Casem’s part, he seems too genuine. Maybe he’s left for greener pastures. Never can tell. Even he might have decided to ditch Comcast. Is that a sign?

Anyonelse having Comcast problems, or is its dark cloud only hovering over me and mine? If so, you might want to stay miles away, and just keep reading.

comcast, comcast, comcast…what are we ever going to do about you…hugmamma. 

comcast answered! corny… but true!

The internet absolutely amazes me! When I publish a post, I have no expectations of hearing from anyone. It’s fabulous when I do, but there’s no pining away, that’s for sure. I just keep doing my thing, writing. Just when I was about to retrace my steps in offering to contact Comcast for my friend Sylvia, to advise that she communicate with an automated, robotic voice, one of my “guardian angels” appeared, to save the day once again.

Mark Casem of Comcast’s national call center is offering to assist my friend in resolving her telephone “echoes.” Since she subscribes to this blog, she’ll get the message. “So Sylvia, if you scroll down to the comments at the bottom of my previous post entitled “calling comcast…earth to comcast,” you’ll see Mark’s email address. Tell him “hugmamma” sent you, girlfriend! And believe me when I say, he’ll definitely get the ball rolling…as far as it needs to go!

i believe in guardian angels…especially the ones that hover around me…hugmamma.

comcast connection lost

Well, looks like the “link” with Comcast has finally been lost. It was good while it lasted, can’t complain. Will have to suggest my senior friends go the old-fashioned route, placing a call. Hopefully, Comcast will get the message that there’s a problem with their phone, when the customer rep can’t hear because of the echo that reverberates in his ears. If I can locate an email address for one of my former “guardian angels,” I’ll definitely pass it along. Maybe Comcast’s monstrous growth will bring an end to their charming, small town customer service. We’ll just have to wait and see. 

Wish all these new technologically advanced gizmos and gadgets could just work without hiccups. But I guess that’s life, never a dull moment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, don’t want to jinx my working internet connection.

been there, done that…hugmamma.

“calling comcast…earth to comcast”

Well, it may be that Sunday’s a day of rest, as the Lord said, or it may be that my Comcast relationship has been laid to rest. Perhaps my guardian angels Mark, Michael and Amanda have all “gotten their wings,” like Clarence, Jimmy Stewart’s angel in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” And just as he deserved them, so too did mine. I don’t remember if I ever thanked them for their services, I’m hoping I did. Asking, and then receiving, should always be followed up with a gracious “thank you.” So “Thank you, Mark, Michael and Amanda! Wherever you are!”

Meanwhile, back to Sylvia’s phone issues. Maybe some new guardian angels will come along, looking to earn their wings. “Dear God, please help my friends…”

for messed up phones…let’s all pray, from our mouths…to comcast’s ears…hugmamma.

comcast, a “call” out for help

This time it literally is a “call” out for help. Over dinner last night, Sylvia mentioned their ongoing problem with their Comcast telephone service. For more than a month they’ve been experiencing an echo in their phone calls, inbound and outbound. There seems to be a delay in voice transmission, so that whatever she says is repeated. It must be maddening, and she confirms that it is, to carry on a conversation where each person has to pause before responding. Without the hesitations, communication would be a jumbled mess, I’m sure.

Because contacting a company like Comcast can be intimidating for seniors, I told Sylvia I’d try to get the word out to my “guardian angels,” Mark, Michael and Amanda. So let’s see if they’ll hear my voice once again through the amazing wireless connection that is the internet. If not, we’ll have to try the good old-fashioned telephone, that also may, or may not work. You can see my friend’s dilemma.

a small prayer never hurts…isn’t that what helped jimmy stewart in “it’s a wonderful life”?…hugmamma.