justice was served…but the memory lives on

As 9/11 fast approaches, it behooves us to remember the severity of Osama bin Laden’s attack against the United States.

National Geographic documented the steps leading up to the massacre in mind-numbing detail, as does the following video shot by private citizens with a bird’s eye view of the catastrophy.

For more than a year the four Al Quaeda Jihadists who learned to fly the jumbo jets lived among us…breathing our air, walking our sidewalks, driving our roads. They shopped, ate, and slept…only steps away from us. While they worked at their horrific mission, we went about our own business…working as usual.

Thousands of American lives were lost on 9/11. Families were forever torn apart. Children, even newborns, lived on without parents. Gaping holes were left in all our hearts. Not to mention the one in NYC…a tangible reminder of our country’s vulnerability to enemies intent upon our destruction…at any price.

President George W. Bush retaliated by taking us to war against Saddam Hossein. The dictator eventually met his maker, Allah. The cost to the American taxpayer?

We’re still paying it off.

And the man who admitted to masterminding and financing 9/11?

Osama bin Laden was silenced forever by President Obama in April of 2011.

No war…no astronomical price tag…

…just good, ole-american know-how…and guts!!!

………hugmamma.   😆  😆  😆

facebook “virus” warning

Thought I’d warn you of an odd occurrence that took place. At times the internet can be an ominous place for those of us not particularly adept at seeing the predators who lurk nearby.

It’s been my habit to feed blog posts to viewers of Facebook, Stumbleupon and Twitter. Having done so dozens of times, the process has become a ritual. Click here. Click there. Presto! My posts are out in the blogosphere. With one particular post, published within the last hour or so, I went through the usual process of feeding it to Facebook. What appeared before I clicked “share,” differed from the norm. Where I usually see my gravatar, followed by a few opening words of the post, and perhaps a picture that accompanied it, there was simply a line that began with “http://——.” I don’t want to reprint it here, for obvious reasons.

Thinking it was a Facebook “gliche,” I clicked “share,” and thought no more about it. Thankfully, I have several guardian angels hovering over me, one being my brother Ed, a technical wiz. He emailed me advising that I warn Facebook friends not to open the post with the “http://—” line as it was probably a virus. Calling upon my archangel hubby for assistance, we perused my Facebook page and found the offending intruder. Deleting it immediately, I posted a note for Facebook friends to see, advising that they DON’T open “hugmamma” posts which differ from the normal visual pattern, as described above.

I’m repeating the warning here in my blog for Facebook readers, as well as for those of you who blog and might come across such an oddity on your own. 

All we can do is be very wary of persons intent upon interfering with others’ lives. That they should try to do good instead, is something for which we can only hope, and pray. But we must not let them deter us from what gives us pleasure, especially as we try to do the same for others.

It’s a lesson we can learn from the recent Tucson shooting victims, including Gabrielle Giffords and Christina Taylor Green. They along with countless others before them, may have been victims of senseless acts, but time and again, we have shown resilience in rallying to move forward, unwilling to let the underbelly of mankind win. So…

i’ll keep blogging…you keep reading…huge hugs…hugmamma.