…a little help…from my friends…

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Not having much luck getting an answer to my question from WordPress Support, so I thought I’d ask you, my friends.

As I’ve wandered around reading other blogs, I’ve noticed that some have customized their “leave a comment” text. Some are witty, others to the point. Having seen quite a few at this juncture, I’d like to say a few words…that are my own, rather than using the generic.

In perusing the “Widgets,” I’ve been unable to figure out how to alter the “leave a comment” text. And in attempting to ask WordPress Support, I can’t even type in responses to their prompts. All rather frustrating to say the least. So I thought I’d circumvent the “brick wall,” and ask some of you who have mastered the technique.

…any…and all responses…are humbly accepted…

………hugmamma.   😦  

serving up…lemonade

When life serves up lemons…it’s time to make lemonade.

Bitter Lemons

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I’ve had what feels like a wagon load of lemons dumped in my lap recently, with news from John Burke of WordPress advising me that I’m with WordPress.org, not WordPress.com. Without signing on the dotted line, without paying dearly for the privilege someone on the WordPress staff honored me with my own independent website. Not sure how or why it happened. I just found out myself.

It’s reminiscent of the time, about a year ago, when I was spammed from leaving comments on other WordPress blogs. WordPress support told me they didn’t know anything about it, that I’d have to check with Akismet. To say I was frustrated was putting it mildly. The final straw was when they suspended my blog saying I was advertising which was against regulations. Wow! That was like a blow to the gut.

I began gathering my belongings, so to speak, to exit WordPress. My dear hubby wrote to WordPress saying my blog would be missed. That seemed to get the right person’s attention because I got an email apologizing for the mistakes. My blog was reinstated.

I found out later that WordPress had been badly hacked. It seemed my blog got caught in the cross-hairs as they were attempting to fix the mess.

So what is it this time? God bless these “happiness engineers” who come up with the latest and the best on WordPress. Just when I’ve settled into a comfortable routine, they up and change things. I know they’re trying to help this 62-year-old grow new brain cells in an effort to ward off Alzheimer’s. Too much stress, however, can counter their best-laid plans.

So I guess I’ll just keep puttering and see what other lemons are in store. Meanwhile…


………hugmamma.  🙂

youtube…not again…

WordPress Theme - iPhone «‹ tips4WordPressI should’ve known better than to preview themes with the thought of changing my blog’s appearance. The last time I did that my youtube insertion mechanism broke down…literally. WordPress had to fix the link icon. What that involved, I’ve no clue. I’ve asked for their help again, to no avail. I think they’re tired of the same old, same old. Not that I blame them. Thought I’d ask you to see if I’m missing something in the translation.

First, my “new post” page has only 3 icons following the “upload/insert”…”add media”…”add poll”…”add custom form.” Gone is the “add video” icon.

WordPress Administration

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Clicking on “add media,” I get a screen where I click on “from URL,” then a screen where I click on “add audio, video, or other file.” On the next screen I paste my youtube URL. Nothing happens. There’s no “insert into post” button to click, so I exit the screen. Unsuccessful there, I try the other method, embedding by shortcode.

Timethief, a WordPress member proficient in its applications walked me through the instructions. They seemed simple enough; but weren’t. Both my husband and I bookended the youtube URL, that is we placed the youtube URL within brackets…[]. Following the first bracket, we typed “youtube=” then added the URL, followed by the second bracket. (I can’t even type what I did because it doesn’t appear in the post when I preview it. Very strange.)

While the URL turned red as is expected, the bookend info we typed remained black. So I wasn’t surprised when I previewed the post, the entire line didn’t appear. Only when I removed the “bookends” did the URL appear, but no video.


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As I mentioned at the beginning, previewing themes might have undone my youtube link mechanism. The only way I regained the capability was for WordPress Support to fix the broken link icon. I’m hoping they’ll do it again. But as of yet…they’ve not answered my call for help. If and when they do, I promise never to preview themes again. I’ll either change…or stay put.

…i’ve bigger fish to fry…though i’m not a fish eater…

………hugmamma.  😉

youtube…”to go, please”

YouTube Live

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Have been having trouble adding YouTube videos into my posts for some time now. Thought it had to do with the fact that I wasn’t a subscriber, and YouTube was “cracking down.” No matter that I continued to do what I’d done before, following WordPress instructions. Something changed it seemed, and no one told me.

Thinking it might make a difference if I was a subscriber, I spent a couple of days recently trying to become one with YouTube. It was like trying to break into Fort Knox! Because I’d started on Google’s blogger.com, I already had an account. But I couldn’t remember my password. It’s been over a year since I went there. I guess YouTube is Google’s, so since the “big G” didn’t let me in, the “big Y” said “Sorry…no trespassers allowed.”

Determined to work at the obnoxious task before me, I kept jumping through the hoops. I even left my laptop, and went into the basement family room, which I dislike because it’s so dark, to see if using the computer where I’d signed up for Google made a difference. In fact, that was one of their prompts. No go. No amount of jumping through the same hoops down there made a difference. So I returned to my laptop, and jumped through one final hoop…and presto! I got lifetime membership into YouTube via Google. Don’t ask me how I did it. I couldn’t repeat it if I tried. And truth be told, I wouldn’t try it again if YouTube offered me a singing contract.

Thinking I now had the problem of inserting videos into my posts solved, I confidently tried to do just that. You guessed it! I still couldn’t get those little movie boxes to cooperate. They just didn’t want to come over to my blog, no matter how I tried to entice them. They didn’t care how well I wrote, at least to my way of thinking, nor did they care about all the great photographs keeping them company. Those YouTube videos just wouldn’t budge…so help me.

Funny how the old saying comes to mind, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I think, perhaps, that it’s not so much the inability to learn new tricks, it’s probably that one needs to empty one’s mind of how the tricks were done in the past. You know “Out with the old; in with the new.” So intent was I on trying to add YouTube videos the old way, I wasn’t really reading their current directions about the new shortcut. I thought I was, but obviously I wasn’t. My brain assumed that the words in front of my eyes, said what they’d said the last time I read them. 

Bench Press illustration

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Guess who got me to read what was in front of my eyes? My roommate…better known as my hubby. It may be that WordPress has become second nature to me, that I think I know everything about it. I know I’m kidding myself, but I like to live the fantasy. So when I ran into this technical “brick wall,” I asked my husband to tinker with the problem. Mind you, he doesn’t know WordPress from a bench press. But clear thinking has always been his forte.

Michael Jackson, cropped from Image:Michael Ja...

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After taking him to a YouTube video of Michael Jackson’s career altering moment when he moonwalked for the first time in public, at the Motown 25th Anniversary celebration on TV, my husband figured out, after some hemming and hawing, that rather than copying the “share” URL for the video, he copied and pasted the URL at the top of the screen. The reason being, he said, and which I confirmed, was that the “share” URL spelled “youtu.be,” instead of the usual “youtube.” That period between the u and the b made all the difference in the world. Lightbulb moment!!!

My husband thinks the “share” URL might bring too much excess verbage with it that WordPress would prefer not to have clogging up its system. Makes sense to me. But as I explained to my daughter, I can mimic what’s being said. I can follow instructions…to some degree. Obviously not always. But I don’t necessarily understand the why-fors, where-fors, and what-fors. Or else I’m too impatient to get started, to get on with it, to check it off my “to-do” list. Thank goodness I’m not the breadwinner in my house.

The glass of water

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…we might be subsisting on bread and water…not a bad thing since we’re always fighting the battle of the middle-age belly…hugmamma.