four-legged family

Our four-legged family members contribute significantly to our well being. They’re ideal companions, offering unconditional love for a meal and a stroke now and then. They adapt to our schedules, and our moods. They give us comfort when necessary, and joy when all is well. They listen when no onelse does, and sometimes they surprise us with a reply, “mew-mew” or “ruf-ruf.” Life can be hectic walking Mocha, grooming Sunkist, carrying Sitka around like a baby, and ensuring that Juneau gets his fair share of attention. But it’s a small price to pay for the overflowing warmth they generate, as they seek to occupy every nook and cranny of our home…and our hearts.

Camera-shy Mocha accomodates us wholeheartedly…

No critter gets past Sunkist, the “grande dame,” without a hiss or a swat of her paw…

Sitka thinks he’s human, and should be treated as our perennial newborn…        

Happy to be our footstool, Juneau enjoys massaging our feet as he rolls his body, back and forth, and back and forth…

And what can we say about Misha, our daughter’s little buddie except that, like her, he’s quite precious…

it’s a mutual love affair, the two-legged and four-legged kind…hugmamma.

22 thoughts on “four-legged family

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  2. People who don’t have pets, don’t get it. Their “value” in our lives far exceeds what can be out into words. They give wholly of themselves in a way that compels us to give them our very best, for at least a few minutes, every day.

    We have two dogs and two cats. My oldest cat rules the roost.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Sunkist is our grand dame at 16 years of age. She too rules. The others don’t dare get in her face…or else! And you’re so right, our pets deserve all we can give, in care…and attention, if only for a few, precious minutes per day. They’d love it if I STOPPED BLOGGING! ha, ha… 🙂


  3. they are all so adorable, and smart and sweet 🙂
    We (family) always had pets. Last 3 years we have a dog, (white retriever),
    before we had cats mainly.

    My granny had 2 cats, I grew up with them, and when she died in 1993. they died very soon after her, for sure it was because of missing her a lot. plus of course because they were getting old.

    and me and family had for about 12 years lovely and so smart Persian cat, she was smarter than most people we know, she died in 2004. 😦


    • Sounds like your pets were well-loved. Our pets are so much a part of our lives and daily routine. We’ll miss them for sure when it’s time for them to go home to the angels.

      don’t even want to think about it…hugmamma. 😉


  4. Oh!!! I love your4 legged family! Don’t they make our lives so much more bearable?

    We have a blog about our 4 legged critters and we enjoy learning of other animal lovers out there!

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