jimmy stewart’s bedford falls…the real deal?

It's a Wonderful Life

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I never stopped to think that Bedford Falls of It’s A Wonderful Life might really exist. Perhaps the fact that so many films were made on Hollywood‘s back lot in the good old days, had me assuming that such was the case with this Christmas classic. That Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed graced the streets and inhabited the buildings of one lucky town, seemed unlikely.

New friend and fellow WordPress blogger, Judy Berman, wrote a fascinating post about visiting the real town of Bedford Falls. I was intrigued enough to comment that I might have to add it to my bucket list…to be fulfilled when hubby retires. 

You might want to take a trip back in time, reliving a vintage, black and white, Hollywood Christmas…strolling down memory lane…by clicking on http://earth-rider.com/2011/12/17/jimmy-stewarts-bedford-falls-comes-to-life-2/#comment-107. 

Maybe you already know which town she’s referring to…and maybe you don’t. You’ll only find out for sure if you hop on over to Judy’s blog, earthriderdotcom and have a look-see for yourself…

and tell her…i sent you…

………hugmamma.  🙂

8 thoughts on “jimmy stewart’s bedford falls…the real deal?

    • As I said in a previous post, I’m more than willing to share my soap box. I’m not the be all and end all of public speaking. You’re obviously of the same mind. Thank you for sharing Connie’s link. I’ll see if she can help. I may do a post and see if WordPress decides to help. I may have reached their max for helping out. I’m sure they’ve got their hands full. And I can still post links to videos.

      hugs for always trying to help… 😉


  1. Thank you hugmamma for sending some of your readers my way. The movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” has touched so many people over the 65 years it’s been around. It was fun strolling thru the streets and over the bridge that Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed might have walked on. I hope people do visit this village that many believe is the inspirational backdrop for Bedford Falls.


    • I was so excited to hear Bedford Falls is somewhere I might visit. And the film is such a classic…and a reminder of what’s important. So glad you trekked on over to read Judy’s write-up. 🙂


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