no greater love…than that of a mother for her child…

Mother holds Child

Mother holds Child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 A mom myself, I’m particularly sensitive to stories of moms and their offspring. I personally know many who continue to give of themselves in an effort to smoothe life’s path for their children. As much as is possible, that is. Yes, the umbilical cord is severed; but no, it is not.

Close friends Katy and Becky hover nearby as their children contend with life’s difficulties.

Katy’s son and daughter forge ahead in spite of illnesses that are disabling, physically and emotionally. Their spirits, however, continue to soar under the watchful eye of their mom whose generosity of spirit knows no bounds.

Three ballet dancers

Three ballet dancers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Becky has not allowed the naysayers to get in the way of her son’s desire to dance professionally. She has helped him wend his way through life’s ups and downs while managing ADHD and depression. That he graduated cum laude with a double major from Indiana’s Butler University and has been a member of a couple of ballet companies since, is in no small way owing to my friend’s perseverance on his behalf.

Friends Mary and Zorianna, she who keeps my tresses trimmed and colored, each have a daughter and a son. In their early 20s, they are still growing into adulthood. Not such an easy task in the current economy. College fees and lack of jobs are enough to have parents talking to themselves without letup. Better that my friends and I vent with one another, to let off steam. 

Skateboarder in Grants Pass, Oregon. Category:...

Skateboarder in Grants Pass, Oregon. Category:Skateboarding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exercise instructor and good friend Kristina parents with steadfast understanding. Her son, a professional skateboarder with a board named after him, has pursued his love of the sport since he was 16. Now in his early 20s, he proudly pays a monthly mortgage on a home in Oregon. And his mom is only too willing to make the 4 hour trek to help with household repairs that pop up. God bless her!

Kristina’s daughter graduated with a degree in theatre arts. Satisfied doing a stint with a traveling company that entertained school-age children and a year or so with local theatre groups, she redirected her focus to becoming a nutritionist. An extrovert by nature, Kristina’s daughter eventually opted out from behind textbooks to work full-time in a health food store. It’s for sure she’ll work her way up the corporate ladder for she’s got the ambition and the discipline to go after what she wants.

Of all the stories that touch my heart, my friend Barbara’s is the saddest. In her 70s, I’m not certain she will get the happy ending she so desires.


Jeogori (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barb and her husband, both Caucasian, cherish the Korean daughter they adopted as a baby. Enfolding her within their warm embrace, they gave themselves totally to raising their beloved child. They encouraged their daughter to learn about her own culture and were happy to welcome a Korean son-in-law into their family. As fate would have it, their daughter’s in-laws and college friends heavily influenced her withdrawal from her adoptive family.

Infrequent visits with her daughter, who resides out-of-state, and their 2 grandsons brings tears to Barb’s eyes. The boys had spent summers with their grandparents but no longer do so, because of the strained relationship between their mom and her adoptive parents.

Fortunately my friend and her husband have a son upon whom they dote, as well as his family. But they continue to hope their daughter might someday have a change of heart. They love her dearly. It’s evident each time Barb and I speak of our daughters. She always commends the closeness I share with mine.

Happy..Happy.. Mother's Day :-)..

…there’s no sacrifice too great or love too abundant…for a mom whose child is life’s greatest…reward…

………hugmamma.  🙂

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