the kennedy disconnect…

The Kennedy Family at Hyannis Port, 04 Septemb...

The Kennedy Family at Hyannis Port, 04 September 1931. L-R: Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy, Jean Kennedy (on lap of) Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (behind) Patricia Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (behind) Rosemary Kennedy. Edward Kennedy was not born yet. Dog in foreground is “Buddy”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How sad. Another Kennedy entangled in the death of someone who got too close…like a moth to a flame. Robert Kennedy, Jr.‘s ex-wife, Mary, commited suicide after seemingly being unable to cope with their divorce, as well as her alienation from their children. 

 The dynasty of Joseph P. Kennedy reminds me of the mythical Zeus and his family. Gods who manipulated humans, determining their fates as it suited  their own super-sized egos.

Can anyone, I wonder, really infiltrate the ranks of the Kennedys…and become one of them? The only one who seems to have succeeded, and on her own terms, is Ethel Kennedy. There’s no doubt she worshipped the ground upon which Bobby walked. He, in turn, loved and respected her as his mate and mother of his children. That, however, did not preclude his attraction to other women, one of whom was Hollywood’s siren, Marilyn Monroe.

Watching the America's Cup Race. Mrs. Kennedy,...

Watching the America’s Cup Race. Mrs. Kennedy, President Kennedy, others. Off Newport, RI, aboard the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jackie Kennedy survived as well, albeit not always within the framework of the dynasty’s 10 Commandments. The first being, stick by thy husband come hell or high water. Somehow Jackie managed to retain her position on the pedestal even though she married against type, and against the family’s wishes, when she became Mrs. Aristotle Onassis. A Greek, though not as lofty a one as Zeus… aka Joseph Kennedy.

Poor Joan Kennedy who ended up drinking herself into a stupor. She was not really up to a life on Mount Olympus. She would’ve fared much better had she set her sights on a mere mortal. The second Mrs. Ted Kennedy, Vicky, seemed much better suited. And, in fact, she’s another success story. Perhaps an even better one than Ethel’s.

English: Kennedy brothers; left to right John,...

English: Kennedy brothers; left to right John, Robert, Ted. Česky: Bratři Kennedyové – vlevo John F., uprostřed Robert F. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I don’t think Ted’s eye wandered from Vicky. The age difference might’ve made a difference, as well as their intellectual compatability.

Ahhh…maybe Vicky Kennedy hit upon the magic formula…youth AND intelligence. I wonder if that would’ve worked for Joseph, his sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, and so on. Should the male Kennedys subscribe to something akin to e-harmony where they can be assured their mates will measure up…and that they will all live happily-ever-after?

Sadly enough, it seems the Kennedy dynasty will not stray far from its fateful path. Like their mythological counterparts, the Kennedys seem cursed in their search for happiness among mere mortals. Through trial and error they must weed out those among us who do not self-destruct… upon flying too close to the flame…

Marilyn Monroe


…the object of their ardent desire…a kennedy…


4 thoughts on “the kennedy disconnect…

  1. I don’t think they ever look to get it right. Just a bunch of womanizing you know whats. How can men who had so much to offer make such a huge mess of so many peoples lives and who would want to be a part of that. No. Money and fame are not worth that kind of man.


    • Unfortunately for the Kennedy sons, the legacy left by their father was not only a life of service to their country…but a lot of heartache for their wives. Rose Kennedy turned a blind eye to her husband’s philandering, such as with Gloria Swanson…another Hollywood icon. Like father…like sons. ;(


    • Too much money seems to allow for too many choices, so that if the wealthy choose wrongly the first time, they can go back and continue choosing until they get it right, for them, that is. Meanwhile, the chosen few who fit into elite society are very, very lucky according to society’s standards; those who can’t “cut the mustard” are discarded…broken, tortured, lost.

      Financial fortunes are not for the faint of heart. Unless one is equipped to control money; it will inevitably be the one pulling the strings. Better to be blest with “pennies from heaven.” They allow us time to…count our blessings. 😉 hugs!!!


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